Saturday, February 24

Campobase Mountain Guides is born: “The question is not only ‘going to the mountain’, it is to understand it, assimilate it and respect it”

Mountain Guides Campobase is not born by chance. It has been a long journey to the foot of this new mountain that we now face, which we are willing to overcome. Over almost two decades we have experienced many challenges. Experiences, pleasant moments, others not so much, but always with our eyes high, and with the confidence that we knew that what we were doing, we were doing well.

Now the time has come to take another step towards the top. The moment to face a new challenge that has haunted our heads for years. The director and founder of the magazine BasecampSalvador Martínez, a great fan, lover and, why not, crazy about the mountains and nature, reveals all the secrets of this new project.

First of all, how did the idea of ​​creating a mountain guide and training company come about?

The truth is that, after more than 18 years showing through the pages of Basecamp all the latest news about the mountains, great deeds, places to do activity and interesting characters, we came to the conclusion that now we were at a time when we wanted to materialize everything shared with readers and be able to make them directly participate in all that activity that we have talked about so much.

We believe that, at a time when mountain activities are growing, in fact they are booming as we have seen in recent years, from our position, and with all our experience, we can provide the knowledge and means so that many fans give one more step and make all those dreams come true that they still harbor and have not dared to fulfill, as well as guide and train the new generations of “mountaineers”, both in the technical aspect, and in respect for the mountain and the environment. natural.

In addition, throughout all these years we have seen how the number of accidents in the mountains has grown exponentially to such an extent that, in the summer of 2019, in the Community of Aragón there were more fatalities in the mountains than due to traffic accidents. . This has led us to become aware of the idea that, from a place of reference such as the one he occupies Basecamp, we could, and should, do something about it to change this dynamic.

After speaking with the different mountain rescue groups, we have come to the conclusion that most of these accidents are due to some lack of training and/or knowledge of the environment. And in that, I think we can help a lot.

So, what is the Campobase Mountain Guides company going to offer as a novelty compared to the rest of the companies in the current market?

Well, first of all, and as I have just commented, we would like to be able to transmit in each course or activity that we carry out, not only the technical knowledge necessary to do it safely and correctly, but also the spirit, love, respect and all those implicit codes in the mountain environment that make the mountain and the natural environment something so special and unique that we must protect and care for.

The issue is not just “going to the mountains”, it is understanding it, assimilating it, respecting it… We want it to end up being part of the people. We want each person who comes with us and does, for example, a course, of any kind, not only to learn what a knot is or how to handle a map and a compass, but also to be trained as a mountaineer with the values ​​that have been always defined this world.

I think that, in a world like today’s, people have to understand that going to the mountains is not just a sporting activity like going for a run. Going to the mountains is something else, much more. It is a scenario in which the beauty of the environment, as well as respect and knowledge of it, are fundamental factors to be able to live it and enjoy it fully. In a way that, otherwise, we could never understand it, feel it and enjoy it as it deserves.

In the mountains you greet each other, help each other, share, and that is almost as important as your own technical training or experience and knowledge of the activity.

A task that is not easy and that will be carried out by the guides themselves, I suppose. Which leads us to ask ourselves, who is going to be part of the Campobase Guide Company?

That’s right, and that’s why the team will be made up of qualified and very experienced guides in all disciplines, from hiking, mountaineering, climbing or skiing, among others. It is a great team, eager to be active and, above all, to teach.

Actually, they are not just certified mountain guides. We are talking about a multidisciplinary team with graduates in INEF, Geology, Biology, etc., who we are sure will contribute a large amount of complementary knowledge that will be of maximum interest and that will be added to the knowledge that each fan gets from the mountain activity itself.

We understand that Simond is also to some extent involved in this project. What exactly is the collaboration that will exist with Simond?

Simond is a historical “partner” of Basecamp since our beginnings as a magazine publisher. We have tested their products for years. At first it was almost exclusively its hard material, from carabiners, belays, ice axes, crampons and even ropes, but in recent years also its new textile lines. After so many years of good results, we completely trust Simond as a brand to be part of our team.

Lastly, for all those who may be interested, what kind of activities will be offered?

The truth is that we will have all kinds of courses available, and of all levels, climbing, mountaineering, cross-country skiing, orienteering, etc. We will even offer guided climbing, mountaineering and hiking activities. Initially, our work area will be limited to the Peninsula, but we hope, in a short space of time, to be able to start taking our users to places as remote and spectacular as Patagonia, Greenland or even the Himalayas.