Saturday, September 25

Camps demands his privileges as former president after signing for a law firm: he asks for an office with an assistant and an official car

The former president of the Valencian Government of the PP between 2003 and 2011, Francisco Camps, has ceased to be part of the Consell Jurídic Consultiu (CJC) that he integrated 10 years ago as an ex officio member with a salary close to 60,000 euros per year.

Camps himself announced last July that he would leave public office to join the office of his defense attorney in various court cases, Delgado Abogados.

As found by, the former president left his position as a born member of the CJC on September 1 to start his activity in the private sector, but has nevertheless demanded that his privileges as former president be maintained.

Specifically, as confirmed by sources from the Generalitat Valenciana, Camps has requested that the use of the official car be maintained in addition to an office with an assistant, a request that is being processed, so the place in the that its dependencies will be enabled. The same sources have reported that currently the only former president who makes use of these prerogatives is the also popular Alberto Fabra.

Regarding the judicial situation of Camps, at present he is still accused in the case that investigates the condition of guarantor of the Generalitat Valenciana to the company Valmor, created to organize the Formula 1 Grand Prix, although in October of last year the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office requested the file. In addition, it is processed in the piece of Gürtel de Fitur.

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