Monday, May 23

Camps, to the bench in the last pending account in the National Court for the betrayal of his “little soul friend”

Francisco Camps, former president of the Generalitat Valenciana during the era of PP corruption, continues to lavish himself in the media, where he is running as an unlikely candidate for mayor of Valencia. However, the months prior to the next municipal elections, Camps will have to make a large hole in his agenda to sit on the bench of the accused in the National High Court (AN) in the last trial for the contracts of the Gürtel plot. The court has set the calendar for the trial, in 60 sessions that will begin on January 17, 2023 and that will last until the month of May, in the middle of the pre-election period.

The former president of the Valencian Executive, who has emerged unscathed from numerous cases of corruption, has actively and passively resisted being judged by the AN. His defense even asked the court to raise up to eight preliminary questions related to his indictment in Gürtel to the Court of Justice of the European Union, a request that the AN rejected.

Thus, Camps has no choice but to sit on the defendant’s bench, for an alleged crime of prevarication, after being prosecuted by the Central Court number 5 of the AN, in charge of the ‘Gürtel case’.

The former president of the Generalitat Valenciana is accused of allegedly giving instructions to the then general director of Institutional Promotion Dora Ibars to favor Orange Market, a company of the Gürtel plot in Valencia, in the assembly of the exhibitor in Fitur, whose cost amounted to 366,529 euros through minor contracts.

The cause was born after the confession of his former right-hand man, the former secretary general of the Valencian PP Ricardo Costa, and Álvaro Pérez the whiskers, responsible for the company Orange Market. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor asks for two years and six months in prison and disqualification for public office for 10 years for the former president for crimes of prevarication and fraud.

The former ministers Alicia de Miguel, Luis Rosado and Manuel Cervera will also sit on the bench, as well as 17 managers and technicians from the regional administration.

“We are facing a situation of manifest illegality that Camps Ortiz was aware of, as they were fully aware of the arbitrariness of all resolutions, that is, that it was being resolved outside the law, giving cover to a situation created beyond all legal procedure. and that caused an unfair result,” said the indictment of Judge José de la Mata.

Against him counts the “direct and forceful statement”, according to the expression of the investigating judge, of his former “little friend of the soul”, Álvaro Pérez the whiskers. And also the confession of Ricardo Costa, both repentant who did not hesitate to betray the former Valencian president.

Although Camps has come out of numerous legal cases unscathed (especially in the case of the suits, the defense of which was led by the well-known Valencian criminal Javier Boix), his presence on the AN bench complicates the scenario that he has been planning for an eventual exit without prison sentences. the avalanche of corruption cases that emerged during his tenure. Francisco Camps even hired a communication firm to try to clean up his public image. A complicated task entrusted to a company owned by a PP defendant for fraud, as revealed by

His insistence on running as a candidate for mayor of Valencia is seen as absurd in his party, as the image of the former president has remained forever linked to the numerous cases of corruption that devastated his time at the head of the Generalitat Valenciana. The months prior to the electoral campaign, Camps will experience them from the bench of the National Court. A bad place for any politician.