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Can Canva create a photo to use on LinkedIn? | Digital Trends Spanish

A recent TikTok video tries to answer the following question: Can Canva generate a photo to use on LinkedIn? That is, from a portrait and with the use of artificial intelligence (AI), could you get a professional image?

We have put the Magic Edit option of the popular visual communication tool to the test, so we tell you everything you could expect from it.

What is Canva Magic Edit?

This function was part of the new AI-powered design tools the service unveiled in March 2023. The intent is to make it easy for people to add or modify elements in photos.

“You can easily remove distracting elements or add new details to your photos with just a few clicks. Transform these like magic by brushing over the areas you want to modify and outlining anything you want to add,” Canva explains about Edit Magic.

Where to locate this tool

Once you drag your photo (portrait) onto the main Canva interface, head over to the Images. Hover over the uploaded photo to display the three horizontal dots. Click on them and, in the floating menu, select edit photo.

The editor will appear. On the left side of this a bar is displayed. In the section of Tools you’ll find Magic Edition. Click on it.

Create your professional image

Once you are in the interface of the tool, what follows is to create your image of a professional nature. The first thing is to mark the area you want to modify. In the case of the portrait we chose, we selected the entire green shirt with the brush. Subsequently, you must click on the button Continue.

A text box opens with the question: “What would you like to generate in the marked area?”. We simply wrote: “A professional white shirt”.

button is enabled Trigger. Press it to create the results with the help of AI, which can take a few seconds. Four images are shown, but if you don’t like any of them, you have the possibility to request another foursome.

We must warn that, because it is a new technology and it is constantly improving, the results – most of them – may not be precise. In other words, it takes time to find a good photo to put on LinkedIn.

Continuing with the example, one of the recurring bugs we encountered was the fact that the white shirt looked strange, with multiple layers that were out of place. An image that reconstructed a very deformed hand even slipped through.


It’s not impossible to find professional character rendering with Canva’s Magic Edit. However, out of 20 photos generated with its AI, only about two served us for this purpose. Keep in mind that it is only possible to use this tool up to 25 times per day.

Then, it will be useful at a time when you urgently need to add a “more formal” photo to a network of professional calls. Again, patience is essential here.



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