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Can Daft Punk concert be re-watched on Twitch? | Digital Trends Spanish

Exactly one year after the French duet Daft Punk announced their separation, the band broadcast a concert on the Twitch platform that, despite having been broadcast on a video on demand platform, it is not possible to watch again.

The broadcast of the concert was special for several reasons: first, because it showed a strange concert because it corresponds to the time when the duo played without their iconic cases, and which was held on December 12, 1997 in Los Angeles; second, because it aired on the so-called “Twosday” at 2:22 PT, from what was written, it would have looked like 2:22:2:22:22.

At the end of the concert, the band’s social networks announced a reprint of their debut album home workpublished 25 years ago.

Can Daft Punk concert be re-watched on Twitch?

Sadly, the answer is no. The concert was broadcast in an official profile created by the band, which at the close of this note’s edition has around 170,000 followers. However, it is possible that some group of internet geniuses will find a way to recover the transmission. Work your magic, Internet.

Still, in their cryptic fashion, it’s possible the band will bolster their online presence with new appearances on their social media profiles.

Until now, Daft Punk has social media profiles at Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and now, Twitter. Could it be that the band will have a reunion soon?

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