Wednesday, February 21

Can I get COVID again if I have already recovered from omicron?

Ómicron has come to break paradigms about what was already known about COVID-19. Its high speed of spread has made Mexico and the world find themselves in the middle of a fourth wave.

The doubts that were already resolved appear once again on the table, but now with different answers.

For example, can you get COVID again if you recovered from omicron?

A recent report from Imperial College London shows that omicron has a great ability to evade immunity from a previous infection, the risk is 5.4 times higher than with delta, and there is only 19 percent protection from a previous infection.

Vaccines prevent ómicron from affecting us in a serious way, but they do not work against contagion.

According to the BBC in London, what we knew from previous variants is that people with hybrid immunity, that is, vaccinated and who passed COVID, develop a more powerful and lasting immune response than those who are only vaccinated or only infected.

Omicron reinfections will be extremely rare in the coming months, especially if you have a booster dose of the COVID vaccine.