Thursday, July 29

Can vaccines increase breast size? | Digital Trends Spanish

The world had to accelerate research and the manufacture of vaccines to try to stop the coronavirus pandemic, therefore, it is possible that we still do not have knowledge of all the effects associated with drugs.

Some of them may seem more unique than others, at least with respect to the comments of those affected themselves.

Emma, ​​a young TikTok user, has pointed out on the platform that she thinks that the Pfizer vaccine may have increased the size of her breasts.

The young woman assures that this would have started 15 days after having achieved the immunization of the vaccine.

“It was kind of a crisis for me. I had to buy a bra one size larger, “he acknowledged.

Although at some point it seemed almost anecdotal, the problem gained visibility when more women responded to the affected person commenting that the same thing had happened to them after the vaccination.

According to the Norwegian medium NRK, several women in that country reported this type of episodes and the explanation could be related to an allergic reaction of the patients to the vaccine.

Dr. Heinrich Bachmann pointed out in the article that the eventual growth of the breasts is only in appearance, and is caused by the temporary swelling of the lymph nodes, a reaction that could last a few weeks.

Thus, medical experts indicate that about 10 percent of women who receive this vaccine could have swollen lymph nodes.

Pfizer managers, meanwhile, affirm that so far they have not received reports of this type, although they did not rule out that their vaccine could cause these types of reactions.

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