Friday, September 22

Can you take advantage of the falls in technology to enter?

If something is characterizing the beginning of the year in the stock market is being the rotation of sectors. On the winning side, we are seeing the financial sector and the energy companies. On the other hand, the penalty is being for the technological ones.

In this sense, can it be a good time to enter firms in the technology sector? As explained Araceli de Frutos, by Araceli de Frutos EAFI, “you always have to be in technology, but now with these rate hikes that negatively affect balance sheets, where I think you should be is in the big technology companies.”

One name to look out for might be Microsoft, which now with the purchase of Activision Blizzard shows that it is a high-quality company and that it continues to grow.

Another possible option is ASML Holdings, which has presented good prospects for this year, although despite this it is falling on the stock market. “There, yes, buying opportunities may arise in the face of these falls.”

Although you have to be selective right now in technology, the expert considers that it is a sector that you have to bet on.