Sunday, August 14

Canadian Police confirm ‘multiple victims’ in series of shootings of homeless people near Vancouver

Canadian police authorities have arrested a man on Monday as a possible perpetrator of “multiple shootings” that have caused several victims in the town of Langley, located in the province of British Columbia, about 40 kilometers from Vancouver (southwest).

The Royal Mounted Police, which has issued an alert for the incident and is considering the possibility that the detainee may not have acted alone, has not specified the number of victims but has indicated that they are homeless people and that it could have been a targeted attack.

“We have a suspicious man in custody,” Sergeant Rebea Parslow told the press, who reported that the agents are trying to rule out that he is the only one.

According to the CBC, at least one person would have died in the incident.

After the first alert, the authorities have issued a second notice urging citizens to stay away from the city center while the Police continue with the investigations.

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