Thursday, December 7

Canceled a festival in a bullring after several groups refused to perform on a stage of animal abuse

The organization of the dark and electronic music festival DarkMAD announced this Thursday the postponement, for now undated, of an appointment that was scheduled for October 14 and 15. The reason given by the festival in a statement is that “several artists” have contacted them “with the intention of canceling their performances for not wanting to offer their Show in an enclosure where a bullfighting event, animal abuse, etc. can be announced”. The venue is Lacubierta de Leganés, south of Madrid, a space known as “multipurpose” that can host both large concerts — Alice Cooper performed there on July 7 — as well as bullfights, boxing events or political party conventions. .

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The Cover, with a capacity for 10,000 spectators, is managed by the company Tauroemoción, which defines itself as “dedicated to the organization of bullfighting shows” and which effectively organizes this type of event in that venue. “We never thought that at any moment a bullfighting act could be dismantled and carried out,” DarkMAD apologizes, stating that he has tried to take steps to keep the event standing, without success.

DarkMAD had undergone a relocation at the beginning of the summer, due to the fact that the Pinto City Council restricted the capacity of the place where it had previously been held, the Sala Groove de Pinto. The organizers looked for a new location and The Cover was announced as a new venue on June 14.

“DarkMAD originally planned to go ahead without these artists even knowing the commotion that said cancellations would cause and that it could even make other artists make the same decision, but in DarkMAD we have finally thought that we are not going to go against our ideas either, that we will not there are others that we are also against any animal abuse and more in a festive way, so we have made the decision not to hold the event at the Lacubierta de Leganés venue, ”said the organization.

The management of the festival, which has The Human League, Ana Curra, Sigue Sigue Sputnik or Cold Cave as headliners, has insisted that “it was not the fault of the venue’s management” since at no time were they told that there was no Bullfighting events took place. “We took it for granted that such acts were no longer being carried out,” they say, admitting responsibility.

The festival states that it has not been able to find another venue, so it postpones the celebration of the event to 2023, which has been delayed due to the pandemic since October 2020. It gives a period of one month to announce new dates and venue, as well as the reconfirmation of the groups that can continue in the cartel. People who had purchased tickets can now request a refund and all tickets purchased, since they went on sale in 2019, will be automatically validated for the new dates.