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Canción Exploder: the podcast of Latin artists and their songs | Digital Trends Spanish

The premiere season of “Exploder Song”, a Spanish version of the popular podcast seriesSong explode”, is produced and distributed by Where Meanin alliance with PRX radiotopia. The first season will feature an eclectic selection of high-profile, award-winning Latin Music artists, including Nathy FluffyJorge Drexler, Mon Laferte, Silvana Estrada, Joseph Gonzalez, Ile & Adrian Quesada and Ibeyi.

The first episode is out now, with Stereo Bomb shredding his song “Deja” from his acclaimed album of the same name.

We speak in Digital Trends in Spanish with Martina Castro is the host and co-executive producer of the new podcast series.

«The idea is that the song is a window through which to enter their lives and creative processes»

What has been the main challenge in adapting this award-winning format from English to Spanish, and what criteria did you use to select Hispanic artists?

The hardest part has been being able to learn how to produce the episodes so that they have the same magic as the English episodes. One might think that if you are sufficiently prepared for the interview and know something about music and production, you can manage to capture what makes the podcast in English so special. But it’s not like that. It’s a combination of many more things that only come with years of experience. You have to ask the right questions to help the artist tell the story behind her song in her own words as clearly as possible. It is also a super creative ear when mixing the different versions of the song and its musical parts to demonstrate what the artist is describing at each moment of the episode. I feel very grateful to be working with Hrishikesh Hirway and the great team at Adonde Media to perfect each episode and achieve the same magic of Song Exploder but in Spanish.

To choose the artists we thought about how we could choose singer-songwriters that really reflect the diversity of Latin music today. They had to have songs that could serve as vehicles to describe something intimate about their creative processes and to help us understand how they approach creativity and their art. With this first season we have managed to demonstrate the different accents, countries, cultures and musical genres that Latin artists represent in their beautiful diversity.

Is it deepened only in the process of the songs, or here the artists also tell things about their career and their lives?

The idea is that by breaking down an important song in the artist’s career, we are also getting to know them and their creative processes. One could say that the song and its creation is our excuse to get to know the artist behind the song more intimately. But we are not trying to tell the whole story about the artist. The idea is that the song is a window through which to enter their lives and creative processes.

What is the audience you want to reach with this podcast?

We want to reach out to fans of Latin music and the artists that will be featured in the podcast, people who want to understand how a good song is created and who want to discover new artists and also understand what inspired them to write their songs. . We are very excited to be able to show an audience that may not be familiar with podcasts what is possible in this great medium of sound. It is something very special to be able to put on your headphones and listen to one of your favorite artists tell you the story behind one of his songs in your ear.

Are there any other types of podcasts besides Canción Exploder that are working for the Latino community?

Yes! Now available we have a documentary about one of the most famous robberies in Latin American history called “The real robbery of the century,” as well as a series about Latino entrepreneurs who seek to have a social impact called “Entrepreneurs with Luis von Ahn” and a documentary about the 43 students who disappeared in Mexico and the recent findings in the case called “After Ayotzinapa.” We will soon be launching a new podcast for families called Goodnight Stories for Bad Girls. Each episode tells the story of a famous woman in history, narrated by another outstanding woman in her field. You can find all our podcasts at

What platforms is the podcast available on?

On Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all platforms where podcasts are listened to.

Created by Hrishikesh Hirway, “Song Exploder” is an award-winning podcast and award-winning Netflix series where musicians take their songs and piece by piece tell the story of how they were made. The series has featured some of the world’s biggest artists – Fleetwood Mac, U2, Billie Eilish, Solange, Metallica, The Roots, Dua Lipa and more – breaking down the sounds and ideas that went into its creation and recording. SongExploder It has been recognized as “warm, insightful and insightful” by “The New Yorker” and hailed as “probably the best use of the podcast format” by “Vulture.” Additionally, “The New York Times” praised the show as “full of serious lines of honesty, cinematic production, and insights into the creative process.”

Season 1 Guide and Episode Release Schedule

  1. Stereo Bomb – “Deja” – July 20, 2022
  2. Nathy Fluffy – ‘Buenos Aires’ August 3, 2022
  3. Jorge Drexler – ‘Silence’ – August 17, 2022
  4. Silvana Estrada – ‘I Keep You’ – August 31, 2022
  5. José González – ‘The Inventory’ – September 14, 2022
  6. Ibeyi – “Sangoma” – September 28, 2022
  7. island and Adrian Quesada – ‘Lies with Cariño’ – October 12, 2022
  8. Mon Laferte – «Pa» Where did he go» – October 26, 2022

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