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Canon sued for printers that don’t scan without ink | Digital Trends Spanish

The Canon company has been defendant in the United States due to a functionality of certain printers. Or rather, due to the lack of functionality of its all-in-one printers that do not scan documents or send faxes if they are out of ink.

The lawsuit was filed in a district court in the state of New York and the plaintiff, a person named David Leacraft, claims that Canon conducts misleading advertising. This is because All-in-One printers “do not scan or send documents when the cartridges are out of ink or low on ink.”

At official document, Leacraft ensures that Canon does not warn consumers that ink is “a necessary component for scanning or faxing documents” and therefore, consumers are exposed to a hard time.

As an example of the above, the plaintiff included a link to Canon’s support site where, in 2020, a user reported problems with the printer model PIXMA MG6320. Canon’s official response to the report acknowledged that the printer “must have ink in the tanks to be able to use all its functions” and that there is no other possible solution.

According to the text entered in the court, there are several state laws that Canon would be breaking by limiting what its printers can do. Among others, the company is accused of unfairly enriching itself, since it forces users to buy ink for the devices without being strictly necessary. “The company is aware of the problem, but did not provide the information to users.”

The lawsuit seeks to have Canon pay $ 5 million in compensation for the inconvenience caused to more than 100 people in total.

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