Tuesday, February 20

Cantabria registers 56 forest fires in the last 24 hours, of which 17 remain active

Cantabria has registered 56 forest fires since this Friday, most of them caused, of which 17 remain active. This was stated by the Minister of the Environment, Guillermo Blanco, who offered a press conference this Saturday at the headquarters of the 112 Emergency Service to report on the situation of the fires.

The fires have been located today in the municipalities of Molledo, Las Rozas de Valdearroyo, Bárcena de Pie de Concha, San Pedro del Romeral, Campoo de Suso, Rionansa, Ruesga, Polaciones, San Roque de Riomiera and Voto.

Late on Friday, the Arenas de Iguña fire caused a temporary cut in rail traffic due to the risk of rockfalls between Los Corrales and Las Fraguas, but it has already been restored.

Weather forecast

Regarding the weather forecasts, the counselor has indicated that “they continue to be bad”, with strong gusts of gusty south wind and high temperatures that will remain, at least, until the afternoon today. If the situation improves and consolidates, the situation of the Fire Plan will be reviewed.

The counselor has once again requested citizen collaboration to “stop these heartless people who try to burn what is ours” and who, as he recalled, “attack natural life but also sometimes against heritage assets”, such as the Udías cabins or Ibio from previous days.

Revilla’s outrage

“They are not sick. An arsonist is a sick person and these are public terrorists”. With these words, the president of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla, expressed this Friday his outrage at the wave of forest fires in the Community, all of which are caused.

The regional government believes that in Cantabria there are some 60 “criminals” who are only waiting for the south wind to pick up before burning a forest.

“This time we have hunted down a few, with evidence,” added the president. Revilla considers that it is difficult, but that getting the arsonists put in jail “can be a way to dissuade fellow criminals. After killing a person, the worst thing is to destroy nature.”

Train circulation restored

The cut has affected both the Cercanías trains and the Medium and Long Distance trains, for which an alternative transport plan has been applied for the affected section.

In addition to passengers on the Cercanías trains on the C-1 line in Santander, those on the Santander-Valladolid route and those on the Alvia to Alicante, who have been transferred by road between Torrelavega and Aguilar de Campoo, have been affected.

Circulation was restored around ten in the morning once the fire that affected Arenas de Iguña was controlled.