Saturday, April 1

Capcom launches mysterious countdown: RE 4 remake? | Digital Trends Spanish

A countdown that appeared on the official Capcom websitewhich will end on February 20, caused fans of series like resident Evil, street-fighter Y monster hunter speculate on a new release.

The page does not offer any kind of clue that suggests which video game will be revealed, however, the expectation about a remake of Resident Evil 4one of the most beloved of the series, caused Capcom to be placed in social media trends.

Despite the expectation around resident EvilIt will be on Sunday, February 20, when the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 ends, an international tournament in which players from all over the world face each other in the video game Street Fighter V.

Since the countdown will come to an end on the day of the Capcom Pro Tour finals, this is most likely an announcement related to the franchise. street-fighter.

The latest game in the series, Street Fighter V, was presented in December 2014 during the PlayStation Experience event. Being eight years old, Capcom is most likely to present the generational change now that the new generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X, begin to consolidate in the market.

In fact, a recent Capcom information leak yielded names like Street Fighter 6, Dragon’s Dogma 2a remake of Resident Evil 4 Y monster hunter 6. Another option is for Capcom to announce additional new content for Resident Evil Villageone of the most successful games of 2021.

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