Wednesday, December 6

Capitual extends zero fee campaign for crypto withdrawals

The multi-currency digital bank Capital extended to the end of March to zero rate campaign for customers who make transfers from their cryptocurrency wallet – the CapWallets – to wallets allocated to other exchanges.

The promotion, which started in December and would be valid until the last day of 2021, has been extended as another extra benefit for customers.

The following cryptocurrencies are currently available for withdrawals: Bitcoin; Ethereum; Dash; Litecoin; Tether; AXS; DOGE; Bitcoin Cash; Binance USD; USD Coin; Chainlink; PancakeSwap; UniSwap; Chiliz; Polygon; Fantom; Dai.

Zero fee campaign

Campaigns continue into 2022 with actions targeting Capwallets cryptocurrency wallets. The objective is to attract new customers and encourage them to open an individual account available in Capitual’s new app, CapConta.

“We want to make it increasingly simple to use cryptocurrencies in the market, with security for everyone”, says Capitual’s COO, Gustavo Rezende. “We continually invest in developing an agile, intuitive, robust and fee-free system”, says Rezende.

When registering with Capconta, the client has individual branch and account data, guaranteed by National Treasury Bills (LFT).

In addition, you have the possibility of making instant balance transfers to brokers and access to features such as salary portability at no cost, compatibility with PIX, TED, DOC, instant internal transfers and the possibility of withdrawing from ATMs in the Banco 24Horas network.


Capitual brings together the characteristics of a digital bank and cryptocurrency trading. Operating in 48 countries, Capitual offers security and reliability backed by strict legislation that regulates the activity of transactions with blockchain technology.

Its founding partners have extensive experience in technology, programming and in the international currency market.

Customers pay no fees and can trade cryptocurrencies such as Binance USD, Bitcoin, Dai, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether and USD Coin, as well as four fiat currencies (Real, Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling) and gold.