Friday, February 23

Capsules to maintain makeup with a satin effect that combine treatment with protection

If you care more about taking care of your skin than wearing makeup, but you don’t want to give up aesthetics or, on a special occasion, you have to give yourself color, you’ll surely prefer to have a natural remedy on hand that allows you to combine treatment, antiperspirant, anti-pollution action, hydration illumination and fixation.

To all these demands respond the Milky Boost Capsulesmade up of 94% ingredients of natural origin that help improve the overall hydration of the skin, such as 100% vegetable peach nut oil to nourish and soften, organic red currant extract to make the skin firmer and for a better diffusion of light and cocoa extract, obtained through fair trade.

To this is added the Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex made up of extracts of furcellaria, lapsana and organic white horehound, which helps fight against the harmful effects of indoor and outdoor pollution.

The remaining 6% makes it possible to guarantee an optimal make-up result, as well as its sensoriality, conservation and its excellent glide on the skin, so that it is uniform and without stickiness. You will notice its color pigments, the mother-of-pearls for the good face effect and those agents that guarantee the long duration of the makeup, with a natural coverage with a satin finish, to nuance the effects of sweat in summer.

88% of the formula has a treatment action, thanks to a cleverly dosed mixture of plant extracts chosen for their specific efficacy with a texture made up of oils and fatty substances for comfort and nutrition, an emulsifier that integrates the ingredients to form a the most pleasant cream in the face of heat.

The capsules, an eco-responsible format

It is governed by the formula of one capsule equal to one application, since each capsule preserves the formula in complete safety and contains the perfect dose to make up the face and neck. In addition, it is the first makeup capsule with an eco-responsible design that enhances the luminosity of the complexion day after day: it increases 35% after the first application, 19% after 7 days, 25% after 14 days and 37% after 30 days, just the 30 capsules in the container (25 euros).

And you just have to open them by turning the cap until it comes off, apply with your hands or with a brush and throw them in the organic container, because they have a circular and sustainable life cycle thanks to the fact that they are made with vegetables. Among them, algae and corn starch, easily biodegradable, disposable without risk of contamination. The jar is reusable and refillable through eco-recharge (25 euros), made with 40% recycled glass and a cardboard case from forests managed with sustainable criteria.

Summer Oasis, to complete the makeup

With that base that takes care of your epidermis while setting your makeup, you can now try to emulate a natural tan with four products that give it those golden tones that we seek so much during these hot months.

Ever Bronze Compact Powder is a duo of subtle 90% natural sun powders, ideal for enhancing the complexion as if bathed in the sun’s rays. There are three harmonies: Light, medium Y deep to suit all skin tones and tan them in an instant.

Its ultra-fine texture blends with the complexion, letting it breathe and enhancing it with a very natural golden hue. In addition to moisturizing the skin with its organic coconut extract and its micropatch vegetable, stimulates the synthesis of melanin thanks to the safflower extract that intensifies the natural tan day after day. 77% of women who have tried it say their tan lasts longer with daily use, according to Clarins data.

As for its uses, you can mix the two shades for an overall tan effect on the face, neck and décolletage, intensify the cheekbones and eyelids with the darker shade or sculpt the face by blending the darker shade on the wings of the nose, on the forehead and on the chin.

Ever Bronze & Blush It is a limited edition colored box that invites you to travel, to the Arab countries in particular, because inside it there is a mosaic of iridescent, amber and fruity lights to modulate the intensity of your look depending on your mood: a powder to tan or a blush in a peach tone to enhance the cheekbones.

Ombre four colors 07 bronze is another limited edition eyeshadow in four shades, enriched with bamboo powder to maintain a long-lasting finish for up to 12 hours. A satin base shade, two more accent shades to intensify the look, and a metallic gold for the finishing touch glamor; a complete palette so that your eyes hit this summer with the sunset from the beach bar.

Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D Waterproof green It is the limited edition you need to achieve an attractive look inspired by the green tones of an oasis, with lashes modulated at will in an authentic emerald color. It will give you four dimensions: volume, length, curvature, and definition.

Furthermore, it is waterproof to immerse yourself in the fresh and crystalline waters of the sea in your summer resort or, at least, so that you do not melt in the heat in the city. A unique formula with blue lotus wax to tighten, sculpt and condition lashes.

The Lash Boosting Complex is the star of this makeup-treatment, a serum booster developed by Clarins laboratories to visibly lengthen, strengthen eyelashes and promote their growth.

To finish off the perfect make-up, the lips will remain hydrated and nourished during your holidays with one of their Lip Comfort Oils, which provide treatment, color and shine to complete a natural tone that will remind you of a sunset, on 01 honey.