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Captivating and dark: the criticism full of praise for The Batman | Digital Trends Spanish

The Batman is one of the most anticipated superhero movies of recent times. The film directed by Matt Reeves suffered several delays due to the pandemic, but it is ready to hit theaters this week.

Of course, the expectations of the fans of the genre are high and in this the first criticisms that the film has caused by the specialized press have helped a lot. Most celebrate Reeves’ adaptation and the atmosphere he managed to generate, as well as individual performances headlined by Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz and Paul Dano.

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The most risky, dare to say that this is the best movie in history based on the popular bat man.

Variety was in charge of compiling some of the main reviews of American media. According to the publication, the most important critics in the country described The Batman as “stimulating” and “unforgettable”, although they recognized that it is very long (2 hours and 56 minutes).

Critic Peter Debruge wrote in Variety that Reeves’ adaptation was very successful at representing the fear generated by the current political scene.

“In a much more disturbing way than most audiences might expect, batman channels the fears and frustrations of our current political climate, presenting a meaty crime saga that blends classic gangster movie elements with challenging commentary,” says Debruge.

For his part, Richard Lawson commented on Vanity Fair, that “for the most part, Reeves’s approach is refreshing. The Gotham that he has created, with bits of London and Chicago, and visual references to New York and other cities, is an aesthetic marvel.”

The same critic compares the film with the previous installments, stating that “The Batman has considerable texture; it’s as pleasantly immersive as Nolan’s trilogy.”

In the portal Rotten Tomatoesthe specialized press has given it, to date, a rating of 86 percent with more than 200 positive evaluations.

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