Wednesday, July 6

Capture image of asteroid that will pass next to Earth | Digital Trends Spanish

NASA has always carried the registry of potential asteroids that could be close to landand this time has not been the exception, since it has been warning about “7335 (1989 JA)” for some time, an object that will pass on May 27 about 40 thousand kilometers from our planet.

The Virtual Telescope Project, a research and educational astronomy effort that often shares images of passing objects, just captured an image of (7335) 1989 JA as it traveled closer to Earth. “The asteroid potentially dangerous (7335) 1989 JA is almost at its minimum safe distance from us, now being very bright”, wrote online Italian astronomer Gianluca Masi, who heads the project. (Near-Earth objects are those that pass within about 30 million miles of Earth’s orbit; a “potentially hazardous object” is within 5 million miles.)

In the image you can see clearly that the asteroid is observed as a specific point on the shower of stars.

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