Saturday, March 25

Car sales rise 1% in January, the second lowest figure in 22 years

  • Enrollments grew in the first month of the year but are 51% below what was registered in the last ‘normal’ January of 2020 when the pandemic had not yet affected.

car sales grew 1% last January according to data from the Association of Manufacturers (ANFAC) and sellers (GANVAM) and dealers (FACONAUTO), an increase that despite the positive keeps its sights set on the industry crisis, especially hit by the dsourcing of semiconductors. Car and SUV registrations grew only 400 units compared to last year, and place the month of January 2022 As the second weakest in the last 22 years. January 2021 was not good, affected by the pandemic and by the snowfall of the Filomena storm, which means that the figures for 2022 (without lockdowns or weather problems) are not considered too positive.

The market closed with 42,377 units sold, being Toyota the brand that achieved the best records both in volume and in models, since it managed to sell 5,377 cars and positioned the Corolla as preferred by the Spanish with 1,613 units. The second brand in sales was Peugeot (3,668), followed by Kia (3,587), Volkswagen (2,897) and Hyundai (2,742). Seat (leader in 2021) paid heavily for the sector’s problems and positioned itself as the fifth brand in the market with 2,132 cars sold, only nine more than Citroën. By models, after the Corolla, another model of the brand was positioned, the CH-R with 1,420 units, and the third best-selling vehicle was the eternal Dacia Sandero, followed by the Peugeot 2008 and 208 before finding a third Toyota, the Yaris Cross.

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All the channels, save the ‘rent a car’ ended January with increase in their registrations. Thus, private customers acquired 21,567 cars, 13.3% more, while companies acquired 19,195 cars, 4.4% more.

On the other hand, registrations under contracts of renting they experienced a 22.9% increase last month, up to 11,076 units. However, car rental firms cut their purchases by 64.4% in January, to 1,615 units.