Friday, February 3

Cardano increases the performance of nodes in the face of DeFi

Cardanocontinues to be optimized for the development of the DeFi and his Founder Charles Hoskinson has shared via Twitter that the network has increased the node performance for the development of Decentralized Finance within the blockchain according to Tomiwabold Olajide en U Today.

Hoskinson recently shared a tweet about a new GitHub version which adds compatibility with node Cardano v1.33.0. to add node enhancements and address transactional traffic in DeFi project launches in the coming weeks.

SundaeSwap was launched on January 20, marking a milestone in the ADA ecosystem by being the first DApp in using their smart contracts. SundaeSwap, el Cardano decentralized exchange (DEX) and token staking platform, now allows merchants to trade and add liquidity, but network congestion slowed down transaction processing somewhat.

IOHK previously shared this: “With many new and exciting DeFi projects arriving in the coming weeks, users should expect network congestion and this can be significant at times of peak load around launches and large crashes.”

In the process of addressing this, Node v1.33.0 was released in early January and now runs in about the 80% of SPO systems. According to IOHK, the technical improvements included in node v1.33.0 can be broadly categorized as RAM usage optimization and efficiency upgrades. In addition to making memory usage much more efficient than previous versions, node v1.33.0 includes changes to the algorithms Cardano uses to calculate rewards and stake distribution.

Fase Basho

Cardano is entering the phase of Basho with a focus on optimization, scalability and growth of the network. A proposal to increase the memory units of the script Plutus a 12,5 millones. The initial change will take effect five days after the start of the update proposal process, on Tuesday, January 25.

Improvements in memory/CPU parameters for Plutus remain one of the 11 ways Cardano intends to scale in 2022. Other routes include block size increase, pipeline, input backup, node upgrades, disk storage, sidechains, Hydra layer 2 scaling solution, offload calculus, and Mithril’s solution.

Cardano is trading at $1.2158 and Ei indicators are mixed.

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