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Isabel Díaz Ayuso wants to be president, not of the Community of Madrid, which she already is, but of Spain, like Pedro Sánchez and, of course, Pablo Casado, her boss, too.

So we attend, perplexed, discussions like a schoolyard, but they are not, rather they resemble Machiavellian intrigues of unknown outcome. It consists of whether Ayuso has blocked you on WhatsApp, or if you are still alive and kicking on his mobile, or on his mobiles. It is not known if as part of an accurate political plumbing maneuver, or simply as a manifestation of a momentary tantrum, the Madrid president blocked the PP secretary general, Teodoro García Egea, from her WhatsApp, the president of New Generations of the PP in Madrid , Ana Pérez, the general director of the mayor of Madrid, Ángel Carromero, and some other leaders of his party.

Asked about the matter, the president became serious and said: “I cannot be in schoolyard discussions.” But the schoolyard discussions are still present in the PP, despite the fact that it closed its national convention barely a month ago with cheers and praise from its forces to the leader Pablo Casado.

Now, these living forces demand, because of their special rotundity, to stop this fight in the schoolyard in which Genoa and Puerta del Sol, party leadership and presidency of the Madrid community, have been involved. “The PP is completely wrong,” the ABC roared in its editorial. And it makes sense.

“The accusations between Genoa and the presidency of the Madrid Community, the public staging of discrepancies that seem insurmountable, and the virulence of this struggle, are managing to stop the party’s expectations of the party when more wear and tear Sánchez accumulates, and at a time when the unanimity of the polls -except for the CIS- predicts an exponential growth of the PP “, explains the editorial.

The wear and tear of the Government is undeniable, more in a context of general crisis arising from such an atypical phenomenon as a global pandemic. In politics, what the government does is important, but also what the opposition does. The Government has a severe handicap, It is made up of two substantially different formations, as can be seen precisely in the negotiation related to the labor reform. Sparks, disagreements, confrontations arise, it is normal. To solve them is the coalition agreement follow-up table, and this has been the case in the recent case that faces two different positions from two vice-presidents of the same government.

What turns out to curl the loop is that in this context of deep crisis derived from the pandemic, which puts it on a limpid line to take off, the opposition party gets bogged down in an internal confrontation with unforeseeable consequences. The PP decided, in the apocalyptic times of confinement and the harsh restrictions of de-escalation and the long transition towards the new normal, that its main objective was not to defend the common good, but to attack the government without mercy, taking advantage of any loophole it offered. the advance of the disease, and that way of doing politics served to scratch votes in the stormy waters of angry citizens.

A week ago we were witnessing an internal crisis in the PSOE / United We Can coalition. From certain areas of the right the coalition government was already terminated or, rather, they wanted to terminate it.

The fact is that the Government partners, swallowing bile, that is also what politics is good for, they rebuilt the seams caused by the labor reform and, once again, President Sánchez came out of another mess, apparently calm the waters and the peace agreed by their vice presidents.

That’s where the crisis of the wasap in the PP, which hides something much more serious than a schoolyard discussion, and whose roots are in the clear victory of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the last elections of the Madrid community. His subsequent emboldening, “I have the votes” she claims, has been insufferable for the party leadership and Casado, advised by Teodoro García Egea, has not known how to play the role of a malevolent leader and take advantage of others doing the job to take the merit.

Robert Greene explains in “The 48 Laws of Power” that “you must use the wisdom, knowledge and work of others for your own benefit. This support not only saves time and energy, but also produces a divine aura of efficiency and speed. “. But here the current president of the PP has not been knowledgeable, Díaz Ayuso has risen to the beard mounted on the reality of the votes. Casado tried it on the same Madrid electoral night, and amidst the jubilation he went out to the balcony with Ayuso, despite the fact that some of her bodyguards tried to prevent him, and he spoke first, he tried to take the credit but did not achieve the divine aura.

Surely today you are wondering, more than once, why when, after the rowdy departure of Cristina Cifuentes from the Madrid presidency, she empowered a practically unknown Díaz Ayuso. From there, her career was dazzling, and when in January 2019 the finger of the popular president, Casado, pointed to his communication secretary as a candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, he also pressed, without knowing it, the button of the nuclear war. The advisor who helped Aznar get to La Moncloa offered himself to Díaz Ayuso, and he is willing to do the same with her.

Konrad Adenauer, the first German Chancellor after World War II and leader of the CDU, explained that there are three kinds of enemies, “the plain enemies, the mortal enemies and the party companions”, and a Galician politician with a backwardness, Pío Cabanillas , Minister with Franco and leader of the UCD and the Popular Party, released that emphatic phrase: “Body to earth, ours are coming.” That’s what Pablo Casado will say to himself: Be careful, ours are coming!

Today, another Galician politician of the PP, the regional president Alberto Núñez Feijóo demands: “They must stop now. We all lose in this absurd war.” But, immediately afterwards, he announces that he would be very surprised if Ayuso did not want to preside over the match in Madrid, while the official line of Genoa clings to the delegates to try to stop what seems unstoppable.

The next general elections are looming in the future. President Sánchez wants to take advantage of the tailwind of the economic recovery, European funds and the presidency of the European Council that will happen to him in the second half of 2023. What a coincidence! He will do the unspeakable to maintain, through the monitoring table, the coalition with United We Can. In extending to the maximum the time until new elections, to be held at the end of 2023, is his possible re-election with permission from Yolanda Díaz’s platform and the price of electricity.

Casado sees likely having to activate his plan B, that the left repeats, and in that situation his assault on La Moncloa should be postponed to the next elections. With such a panorama, he cannot leave the PP of Madrid in the hands of Díaz Ayuso, it would be to become harakiri because Isabel, who has managed the citizen anger to obtain the vote in Madrid with mastery, would control the most powerful organization with the most affiliates to the millimeter of the PP, and from there to being the candidate for the presidency of the Government, a step. And Married, to galleys.

But the faithful to Casado remain undaunted. Reunited the peña “El balconcillo”, formed by the deputies of the PP in the Congress, in a dinner this past Wednesday in which Casado himself appeared at the cafe and received unanimous cheers, more than one blamed Díaz Ayuso that “He has blown up all the bridges,” and they see Casado as the next president thanks to the electrical anger and “ruinous budgets.” In the last case, it will always be necessary to appeal to ETA, to its heirs, or to the Catalan independence movement and the dismemberment of Spain, “that does not fail”, they say.

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