Wednesday, May 18

Carlos Fabra before the judge investigating non-refundable business loans: “I live on my pension and the help my children give me”

It is in the most severe potholes of life that friendship is most strongly demonstrated. The businessman Fernando Roig, owner of Villarreal CF, lent Carlos Fabra, former president of the Castellón Provincial Council, 1.7 million euros, at the moment, in a non-refundable fund. For the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, the loan is explained by the payment of a debt of 8.1 million that the Castellón Airport had with the club. Carlos Fabra attributes it, on the contrary, to the deep relationship of friendship with the businessman.

In the statement of the former PP politician before the investigating judge, to which has had access, Fabra relates that friendship with the businessman. “Fernando Roig has been, and still is, one of my best friends was going to say, possibly my best friend. I spoke with him, I told him my needs, he gave me 300,000 euros, we signed an eight-year contract that has not yet expired but that at the moment I have not been able to and cannot return it to him, neither in the short term nor in the medium term. I went to see him and told him that I could not give it back to him yet. He told me not to worry “. In total, the businessman loaned him funds amounting to 1.7 million euros.

The former president of the Castellón Provincial Council limited himself on October 28 to answering his lawyer’s questions. Before the investigating judge of the case, Magistrate Jacobo Pin, and the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Fabra recounted his humble way of life: “I live on my pension and the help that my children give me.” The once all-powerful cacique of Castellón, the last representative of a long saga that has held power in the province since the Restoration, says that the Treasury withholds a part of his pension from him. “And something else that they have taken from me,” he adds.

The investigation of the case, however, shows a very different family economy: the former PP politician managed to move 26 million euros in bank accounts and in some periods pocketed up to 60,000 euros a month in cash through income with 500 bills, according to what he says. a report from the anti-corruption prosecutor Javier Carceller.

The former politician also went to another old friend before entering prison to face the guarantee of a loan that he shared with his ex-wife. “As we had no possibility of endorsing it, I went to Enrique Gimeno, whose family has an intimate relationship with mine.” The businessman told him “yes, he decided to do it with Facsa”, the company that controls the water supply in Castellón and was already chaired by Enrique Gimeno Tomás, his grandfather, between 1929 and 1936 and between 1938 and 1947.

“My father was a lawyer for the Gimeno family until his death, when he was dean of the Bar Association,” explains Fabra, with whom the businessman maintains “a lot of family and personal relationship.” “My wife’s family were close friends of her father’s sisters,” he added. The owner of Facsa, convicted in the framework of the ‘Gürtel case’ for illegally financing the PP “is a friend of mine and fortunately remains a friend of mine,” declares the former PP politician.

The former president of the Castellón Provincial Council denies, yes, that the endorsement had anything to do with the awards from the provincial institution to the company. “Facsa was already a supplier to the Provincial Council before I was president and it has been approximately ten years since I have been president and continues to be a supplier to the Provincial Council, therefore, it has nothing to do with me, among other things because I have no technical decisions in the Diputación “, says Fabra.

The three friends will sit on the bench of the accused of the Provincial Court of Castellón. For Carlos Fabra, Anticorrupción asks for twelve years in prison for the alleged crimes of punishable insolvency and frustration of conviction, money laundering and bribery (also for the “family group” it requests fines totaling 18 million euros).

The businessman Fernando Roig faces a request for a sentence from the Public Prosecutor’s Office of four years and seven months in prison for the alleged crimes of necessary cooperation in insolvency and bribery (as was his son, also prosecuted in the case). Finally, Anti-Corruption asks Enrique Gimeno for nine months in prison for an alleged crime of bribery and for his company to be disqualified for a year from contracting with the public sector.