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Carlos Maslatón: “Bitcoin is the currency of the poor”

Key facts:
  • Bitcoin is one of the pointers of freedom against state control, he claims.

  • Bitcoin could position itself as legal tender for poor countries, he thinks.

Yes, it is true that Carlos Maslatón is as modest and accessible as claimed. We obtained it for the Argentine market analyst during lunch hours in the lobby of the Sheraton Presidente Hotel, in the city of San Salvador, El Salvador, during the Bitcoin week that brought together people from the 5 continents in events, meetings and trips around across the country to celebrate the adoption of this cryptocurrency.

The next day we met again at the hotel to do the interview, and seeing that there was a lot of background noise to do it, Carlos kindly offered his room to sit down and calmly talk about Bitcoin (BTC) as a revolution and disruptive market, liberalism and statism, Venezuela and Argentina, and more.

One would come to think that a guest of his stature would be in the best and largest room, and would travel on a first-class flight, but Carlos is emphatic in his rejection of this type of luxury.

“Bitcoin is the currency of the poor,” he said in the exclusive interview with CriptoNoticias.

Carlos Maslatón, from his interview with CriptoNoticias in El Salvador. Source: Luis Esparragoza for CriptoNoticias.

What does Carlos Maslatón think of Bitcoin and El Salvador?

Carlos’ first impression upon arriving in El Salvador regarding the adoption of Bitcoin was quite satisfactory. Maslatón praises the government’s strategy to implement this currency and evaluates the possibility that other countries follow this path.

“It is an important move by President Bukele. I could have doubts about the implementation, but it is working very well. It seems to me that recognition is an important promotion of Bitcoin [como moneda de curso legal], that it was already happening in fact, but now it becomes law, “he said, confessing that has already made payments with BTC in El Salvador satisfactorily.

Likewise, Maslatón ensures that El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption model could be replicable in countries such as Panama and Nicaragua, despite the fact that the government of the latter nation may not agree.

Bitcoin vs State: the liberal advance over prohibitive statism

The market analyst argues that Bitcoin is a revolution led by young people, and a spearhead in the advancement of freedom “in a world of states that want to control everything.”

In this sense, he stressed that although countries like China have wanted to ban it, there is no way to veto Bitcoin. He thinks the same of the US, that if it had wanted to ban BTC, it would have done so several years ago, vetoing settlements to bank accounts.

However, the industry and technology lobby was stronger and overcame, as well as the ideology behind Bitcoin that also supports it.

«The ideology of the people is mixed. Some are more of the social democratic left, or more of the national conservative right like me. They are both behind Bitcoin. This issue, the ideological-political lobby has allowed states to not go against Bitcoin, “he says.

Bitcoin Price Forecasts: A Backing Story

Maslatón commented that at some moments in the history of the Bitcoin market, the price forecasts that this market analyst has made They seemed like a delusion, but they were fulfilled.

«The financial prediction is not exact. You make it exact, but then you correct it as you go, ”he said. The purpose of this, he notes, is to circumvent upward (bull) or downward (bearish) trends.

Regarding the price of BTC in perspective for the remainder of this year and for the next, Maslatón stated that at this moment the market is correcting its price after reaching historical maximum levels.

Maslatón assured that BTC would reach USD 78,000 in the short term, and indicated that by 2023 it would reach a price of USD 400,000, which would trigger a bear market or sharp correction at that time, and then take off to be worth close to 1 million dollars after that cycle.

The interview with Carlos Maslatón can be found on the YouTube channel of CriptoNoticias, to which we invite you to subscribe.

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