Monday, September 27

Carlos Tarque: “Culture is not just a union, it is an essential good that should receive more help in a pandemic”

It seems like yesterday when M-Clan’s ‘Carolina’ and ‘Maggie awake’ were heard in bars and clubs, but, although both are already twenty years old, they continue to sound in our heads and in many places. And now those songs of the group, which is already part of the national collective imagination, will resound this Thursday, August 26, in the gardens of the Torrelavega Fair, within the festival ‘Torrelavega Live’.

How do you go back to the stage in this new normal?

Last year we were lucky enough to get back on stage and act quite quickly with the tour as soon as the restrictions began to be removed, although we are going very briefly, with only two and acoustic. Beyond that, the truth is that we are excited, and at the same time excited, to return to play and enjoy with our audience, so we are lucky. Nor was it new to just be Ricardo and I on stage, because it is something that before the pandemic we had done in this format, so our concerts are not something that we have had to reinvent drastically. Even so, it has been a bit imposed by the situation, but we get along very well. In addition, the public is accepting it perfectly, because there are many who already knew us in this format, although obviously before you did not have to be seated or with a mask, but they react very well because the public is eager for live music more than ever, and concerts are usually brilliant, especially from them. And it is that we notice that need for emotions and fun that people have.

They were preparing what was going to be another M-Clan live and acoustic album that was going to be recorded in June, but which had to be stopped due to the pandemic. Have they taken it up again?

Unfortunately, it is an idea that has been diluted a bit by all this situation of the pandemic and is that the album was going to revolve around the anniversary of ‘No plug’, which was fulfilled last year, so doing it now would lose a little sense. There are no signs of doing it this year either, so the idea remains a bit up in the air, but we are not ruling out doing something similar in the future either.

During the pandemic, many artists were inspired to compose, but others were too saturated. How did it affect them?

We had no plans to make any albums with M-Clan. This anniversary was a previous idea, it was live, it was nothing that had to be composed, so that stayed there, and I for my part have been working a bit and writing, but I have some idea of ​​a solo album. left a little postponed. I think it is something very personal for each musician to find inspiration or not in these times. We have had to do things, but there will be those who have been affected in a very negative way and others not so much. I would also like to comment on the aid we have received in this pandemic. There are sectors that have been listened to more, but there should have been more aid for culture, because culture is not just a union, it is a general and essential good that must be taken care of. At the aid level, I think there has not been a plan for culture that I know of.

It has been more than a year of ‘Tarque’ alone. Composing more on your own?

Right now we are on the M-Clan tour. Let’s say that this is the project that I have in mind and that it is in my hands, but there is an idea of ​​making a solo album. We are working on it, but the main thing is to be able to take the whole band back next year on the next tour. That is the best project.

His way of composing and creating songs is through Anglo-Saxon music and some national groups.

We are a Spanish group, we are from here, but that does not mean that we do not appreciate all kinds of music. We have grown up listening to music of all kinds, but it is true that we have always liked American, English or national rock and roll very much, but it is clear that it is a music of Anglo-Saxon roots, that is why it becomes our main reference. This does not mean that we are not fans of classics like Leño, Extremoduro, music with which we have lived. And the thing is that rock is already an international music.

On stage we notice that need for emotions and fun that people have

The twentieth anniversary of ‘Sin plug’ has been fulfilled, with songs that managed to connect M-Clan’s rock with the mass public. Did you think it was going to become the phenomenon that it ended up being?

You always make music dreaming of reaching everyone, but you are not in control or sure that it will happen. Yes, there are songs of ours that are twenty years old and that have accompanied the lives of many people, such as ‘Carolina’ or ‘Miedo’, and we see it because they cross generations. People of 40 or 50 years, who listened to them and listen to them, but there are kids who also listen to them, and it is fortunate. Music has the particularity of being able to last over time and that is impressive.

What do you think of the new platforms like Spotify or YouTube to spread your music?

It is that they are already past, present and future. Music has changed formats and is no longer distributed in record stores, although there are those who do so romantically. I think it has its positive side, because there is much more music available to everyone, but that makes music value in another way or lose value. And then there are the contracts that are established with the artists, which is something more difficult to control but, ultimately, the access it gives to so many people is wonderful.

What is M-Clan’s plan for the remainder of the year?

The main thing is to finish this tour and with expectations of being able to perform next year with the whole band. That is what we hope and wish for. In other countries progress is being made, but we will have to wait and see how everything evolves, because it will be in the hands of the health authorities.