Tuesday, July 5

Carlos Verdejo, the teacher made a Vox spokesman who sets Ceuta on fire

When Carlos Verdejo entered the group of WhatsApp of the Board of Spokespersons of the Assembly of Ceuta as a representative of Vox, after the May 2019 elections, several of his colleagues were struck by the fact that his identity in the instant messaging application responded to the name of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the field marshal who established a secular republic in Turkey and separated the state from the Koran. It was “a joke between friends,” he argued.

Vox returns to irrelevance in Ceuta cornered by its “excesses” a year after its electoral success

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The regional deputy, who turned 30 on March 11, likes that kind of wink to his gallery. A regular user of all social networks, on Twitter his name ends in an Arabic letter, ن., The n, the one used by Daesh in Mosul to mark the homes of Christians, of Nazarenes.

Acting teacher, son of a local policeman and head of studies at a public school, the second youngest parliamentarian in the Chamber after the PP Olympic medalist Lorena Miranda is the most visible face of Vox in Ceuta, a ‘rare bird’ in the Plenary, a “democratic fraud” for the rest of the parties, which disfigures the leader of the far right in Ceuta, Juan Sergio Redondo, to avoid the responsibility that is assumed to be a head of the list to limit himself to “inciting” his “ultra-faithful” spokesman .

“Everyone knows that it is you who bites and Redondo who aims, who points out the target and who dictates and orders the terms to be used in the attack,” the president of the city, Juan Vivas (PP), has ridiculed him as if it were a doll in the hands of a ventriloquist.

To Verdejo, who has been handing out insults to the right for more than two years (except for 2020, when Vox supported the Executive of the PP that now denigrates) and sinister. This week has completed the escalation of racist expressions, putting PP, PSOE, MDyC and Caballas in the same bag of “pro-Moroccans” and “fifth columnists” from the neighboring country.

They have also called him everything. The last, “cateto”, “niñato” and “short”. Also “ignorant”, “fascist”, “racist” and “cowardly”. Two members of the local government, the councilors of Education and the Environment, Carlos Rontomé and Yamal Dris, have risen from their seats in recent months out of their boxes before their provocations.

It has also had them stiff with Vivas, but especially with the spokespersons of the local parties of eminently Muslim electorate, Fatima Hamed and Mohamed Ali, an entity whose voters have always located those who “stone the Police” and now the supposed traitors to Spain. He proudly defends the fire of his verb: “No one had dared to get here.” He has come so far that local parliamentary activity has been suspended ‘sine die’ until consensus is reached on how to deal with his invective.

“We say the same as people in their homes”

He loves the politically incorrect suit: “Our marketing is consistency and when you are in a match with which you fully identify it is very easy: we are used to not saying so as not to offend and we say the same as people in their homes, but nobody dared to do it in the Assembly so as not to expose themselves to a media stoning “, he has boasted in one of the few interviews he has granted in two years, to ‘Ceuta Now’.

Although he was not one of the loudest in the private groups of WhatsApp of Vox leaked to the media in 2020, in some they confirmed their fixation with Islam: “Pure posture, so the [presidente de la Ciudad, Juan] Vivas can go out sharing a table with a morita with a handkerchief. Because I remember he started with a handkerchief. “He was referring to the appointment of a socialist, Mayda Daoud, as vice-president of the Plenary Table. In another he said” personal friend “of the other MDyC deputy, Youssef Mebroud, and raised the possibility of making a ‘pincer’ with that party to take advantage of the “tribalism” that Redondo attributed as a hallmark of Ceuta Muslims.

With Mohamed Ali, for whom he has wished prison for the hate crime attributed to Vox that a judge has attributed to him, he has never comraded, but he did congratulate him on the New Year and was the only one of the far-rightists who offered his condolences when his death father in november. “As a family I am not like in plenary sessions, I do not argue, I am extremely calm,” he has described his double profile of an angry politician and “affable” man.

Although he also uses them in plenary session and on social networks, the Vox spokesperson hates personal allusions when they concern him. Twice in two years he has been seen especially edgy. One, when his former party partner, the now-unaffiliated María del Carmen Vázquez, wondered in the Chamber how a Mexican partner could have someone with their aversion to immigration. Another, when it was questioned how he is capable of teaching in institutes with up to 70% Muslim students.

This month he has been on the verge of passing the first phase of the physical education teacher exams with a 4.7374. In his first year as a deputy, when on sick leave to teach he continued to attend the plenary sessions, the Ministry of Education scrutinized whether he was in fraud, but came to the conclusion that his political activity (paid with a compensation of 1,400 euros per month ) was compatible.

Colleagues from the three institutes in which he has practiced after working as a clerk at Decathlon say that he is, in general, shy. That “goes to his thing.” At some point he was singled out for “indoctrinating” the student body, but if he did, he has quit. “During the last year there has not been a problem and there has not been a complaint, neither from the students nor from their families, despite the fact that most of their teaching load was with Basic VET groups with a not easy profile” , valued by professors from IES Clara Campoamor.

“A little boy and just as fixed gear”

“He is still a bit of a child and just as a fixed gear”, one of his teachers sees him in his adolescent stage. Already then he liked politics and was “on the right”, convinced that “the left is not synonymous with modernity and innovation.” He entered the PP when Vivas garnered two out of every three votes election after election and up to 19 of the 25 regional deputies. He actively participated in campaigns. Today he considers that stage his “original sin.” “I wanted to contribute my grain of sand until I met Vox. I already followed Abascal and when I read his fundamental manifesto I realized that it was what I had always thought and the PP did not dare to say,” he remembers how he saw the light while finishing his university studies.

“At the time he avoided taking the reins of the party because he was doing a Master’s degree, he did not have a stable job, he looked very young and did not want to appear as someone willing to make a living from politics,” explains a former colleague with whom he is barely running the word. In 2014, those of Vox in Ceuta were “four cats”, but Redondo insisted on recruiting him again when he finished his studies. “They formed a close tandem and very quickly the decisions began to be taken among themselves outside the governing bodies,” recalls a founder of the party. “He convinced me, he trusted me and said things that nobody dared to say,” Verdejo has justified his return.

In 2019, it appeared in number 2 of Vox’s candidacy for the regional elections in which the party won six seats and became the third political force after PP (9) and PSOE (6), which joined forces for half a year to give “stability” to the city. In Christmas 2019, when Vivas chose to rely on Vox, Verdejo proclaimed the beginning of an ultra-rightist era in Ceuta and announced that his own would erase all traces of socialism (“a criminal party since its foundation”) from the institution. The PP took a year to return to the PSOE, frightened by social tension and the provocations of its partners, who were on the verge of breaking the government itself.

Alone and angry, after breaking his alliance with the PP, Verdejo has put a face and a voice to Vox’s efforts to show that it is not that they have been left alone by setting fire to the city on the back of the “Moroccan theses”, but that “there is only Vox “in the red-and-white trench and who are victims of” goodness “, of” progressive consensus “, of” gender ideology “, of” chiringuitos “. “We are a target, an intruder in the establishment“He has dressed his mission as heroic.” We are not going to change our discourse because we believe in it and that it is the only solution and the alternative that all Ceuta need, “he has warned those who beg” moderation and responsibility. ” On the contrary, this week he raised the tone one more point and pointed out that the blame for the Moroccan “invasion” lies with “Pedro Sánchez, the government delegate and Juan Vivas” without mentioning Rabat.