Monday, August 15

Carmen Tovar will contest the primaries of the PSOE of Seville to Javier Fernández, the closest candidate to Swords

Verónica Pérez’s announcement that she will not be eligible for re-election as general secretary of the PSOE of Seville has not served, as she intended, to facilitate the unity of a candidacy promoted by the regional leader, Juan Espadas. Seville, the largest group of the PSOE in Spain -10,000 members-, will not serve as an example of unity to the rest of the provinces, where wars for organic control are also brewing between the different Sanchista families.

After the provincial committee held on Thursday by the PSOE of Seville and settled with the setting of December 19 as the date for the provincial party congress, the former mayor of Castilleja de la Cuesta and former delegate of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía in Seville, Carmen Tovar, has announced his candidacy for the General Secretariat on behalf of the militants gathered around the document ‘Do + PSOE’. In front of him, he will have the first to take the step, the mayor of La Rinconada, Javier Fernández, who already has the explicit support of the most numerous groups in the province, and with the implicit support of Espadas himself. There is still the option of a third important candidate, the mayor of Mairena del Aljarafe, Antonio Conde, a critical member of the last regional executive of Susana Díaz.

Tovar’s options are very limited, but his candidacy may seek more to join the list of a candidate of more weight than to reach the end of the race in the primaries. “Throughout my long political career in the PSOE, where I have been mayor of my town, vice president of the Provincial Council and delegate of the government; and after spending two years touring the groupings of the province, I have verified how important it is to give the site that corresponds to the militants. As a result of this tour of the local groups, we have a project worked by hundreds of colleagues, for the entire province and for all the militants of the Sevillian group, “he defended Carmen Tovar.

This political project, thus, is summarized in the concept of “militancy”, according to Carmen Tovar, whose group has been critical of the provincial leadership headed by Verónica Pérez, who will not choose to revalidate the General Secretariat, after having supported the former regional president and former secretary general of the PSOE-A, Susana Díaz, in the primary elections won by Juan Espadas, the new regional leader of the party, socialist candidate for the Presidency of the Board and new secretary general of the PSOE-A.

For Carmen Tovar, the primary elections are “the most powerful tool that exists to mobilize and motivate the militancy” and the electorate, declaring herself in favor of “the agreement, the unity of the party, but not uniformity.”

“If there is an agreement and a single candidacy, it must always be based on a political strategy that makes us unite the party and grow,” he emphasizes, also attending the conclave the candidacy for the General Secretariat of the mayor of La Rinconada, Javier Fernández de los Ríos , to whom several dozen mayors and secretaries of local socialist groups have shown their support.

“I sit down and present myself as a grassroots militant, which is the cornerstone and strength of the party. I defend a party built from its bases to its top,” indicates Carmen Tovar.