Friday, December 9

Carpetazo to the open legal case to find the body of Marta del Castillo

The judges have shelved the case opened nine years ago to try to find the body of Marta del Castillo. As has progressed Being Chain It was a piece in which an expert tried to locate the body according to the geolocation of the telephone numbers of the young woman from Seville and her murderer, Miguel Carcaño.

The Marta del Castillo case, 13 years later: “Without a doubt today it would be treated as sexist violence”

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The Court has opted for the file of that piece because the extension of the instruction deadlines had not been agreed. At the same time, the Investigating Court number 4 of Seville has also filed it in the same way since the aforementioned expert “has not delivered anything to the court”, according to the station, and Judge Álvaro Martín has closed the investigation.

Last June, the relatives of the young woman murdered in Seville were “proud and satisfied” after the judge sentenced Cuco and his mother to the maximum prison sentence for lying in a trial