Wednesday, March 22

Carrefour buys land in the metaverse of The Sandbox cryptocurrency

Carrefour has acquired land in the cryptocurrency metaverse The Sandbox, preparing to make the official announcement of the acquisition soon. Carrefour’s French division has announced that the company has purchased land in the metaverse through its head of ecommerce. That is, any plans to try online shopping through this solution should be known soon.

The company’s arrival in the space is interesting given the fact that large tech companies are still exploring how to use technology to benefit customers, with Carrefour dropping ahead of many.

It is worth remembering that Walmart has already conducted tests in previous years with the metaverse environment and should pay more attention to this sector as well.

Carrefour marks presence in cryptocurrency metaverse

The metaverse is an environment still in experimentation, but it is going through a moment of curiosity due to the fact that Meta (ex-Facebook) announces its plans publicly and directs its business model towards this reality.

As the big company announced its entry into this sector, many others are observing the business potential that can change the way they interact with stakeholders.

Still without much to say, what caught our attention this week is Carrefour’s entry into The Sandbox’s cryptocurrency metaverse. the size of ground is 3×3, with its location being at 33,147 in that metaverse.

“Carrefour acquired an area of ​​30 supermarkets in the metaverse. Stay tuned for new digital experiences and innovations.”

Carrefour’s head of digital products celebrated the acquisition

Created in 1959 in France, Carrefour is today a global company that sells various products in its physical and digital stores. In this way, its head of digital transformation and e-commerce celebrated the novelty of the metaverse, leaving announcements to be made in the air.

“We’ve just received the keys, it’s official: Carrefour is the proud owner of a beautiful piece of land in the metaverse!”

The CEO of Carrefour, Alexandre Bompard, also highlighted the acquisition stating that innovation is at the heart of its business.

One of the most important points of this acquisition of the great brand may be its experimentation with cryptocurrencies, as The Sandbox works with the Ethereum network as the basis for its application. That is, Carrefour may have bought cryptocurrencies to acquire its land.

Anyway, this is not the first test that the brand has done with this technology, since in Brazil, for example, Carrefour announced the use of blockchain to track orange production in 2019. With the new acquisition, the network of stores takes another step in this ecosystem, attuned to innovation and what it can help in its commercial future.