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Casado accuses Sánchez of “auctioning the price” of the Budgets at the dialogue table with the Generalitat

Pablo Casado does not believe that a new political era has opened in Catalonia and that the procés is a thing of the past. This is clear from the speech that the head of the opposition and president of the PP has delivered this Tuesday in Barcelona, ​​in which he has recovered the harshest tone against the independence movement and, on the rebound, against Pedro Sánchez. The conservative leader has accused the Prime Minister of “auctioning the price” of the budgets at the dialogue and negotiation table with the Generalitat, which should be held in the second week of September. At the same time, he has warned the independence movement that it will approve the crimes of rebellion without violence and of illegal referendum if it reaches Moncloa.

Casado clings to the lifeline of the polls to reaffirm a leadership threatened by Ayuso

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“It is regrettable that there is a Prime Minister who loses his institutional responsibility by a handful of votes to approve a General State Budget,” he said. “Because the pardons were not the payment to finish the legislature but the deferred payment of the investiture. That is why now they have to negotiate again and auction the price of continuity in power,” said Casado, who has been convinced that Sánchez only calls the dialogue table with the Generalitat to win ERC’s favorable vote for the accounts that must be negotiated in the coming months.

Pablo Casado has thrown this dart during the speech with which he has opened the cycle of traveling conferences prior to the National Convention of his party, which will be held at the end of next month. This Tuesday in the Catalan capital, the opposition leader has tried to surround himself with members of anti-independence organizations, such as Societat Civil Català, S’ha Acabat or the Assembly for a Bilingual School, signing up somewhat in the war with Citizens to attract citizen entities into their orbit.

He has also taken the opportunity to reiterate the plan for Catalonia that he has already shown on other occasions, the last one during the Cercle d’Economia days. A program that involves recentralizing regional competences in audiovisual media or education, improving the economy through tax cuts and deregulation and, finally, changing the penal code to punish any secessionist attempt more severely. On this last issue, the PP president has specified that his commitment is to reintroduce the illegal referendum as a crime, prohibit pardons for sedition and rebellion, and approve a new criminal type of improper rebellion that does not require violence.

After explaining a plan that, as he has described, “is the same in Catalonia as in all of Spain”, he has asked Sánchez to detail his, since, in his opinion, the table that will bring together the delegations of the central government and the Catalan only It is designed to talk about the issues that interest the independentists. “Sánchez can only offer the Catalans amnesty, as if Spain were a dictatorship, or self-determination, as if Catalonia were a colony? You don’t eat that,” Casado exclaimed. “It is enough to play roulette with the future of the Catalans.”

In the same vein, the head of the opposition has considered that “it cannot be” that the Government has not yet “responded to the threat made by Aragonès regarding the date and conditions of the referendum,” referring to the interview with the president of the Generalitat in which he affirmed that a referendum on independence would be held before 2030. In Casado’s opinion, this occurs because Sánchez “helps the independentists not to face the consequences of their actions,” he said in reference to the pardons. , something he has promised to do just the other way around. “We must deny privileged dialogue to secessionists,” he assured.

Until this happens, the leader of the PP has made it clear, he will maintain his toughest opposition and will not reach agreements with the Government, he has assured when a thousand days of blockade in the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) are completed. “The only thing missing [a Sánchez] it is to end the opposition to have full impunity, “he said.” Once the Public Prosecutor’s Office has been deactivated, once judicial independence has been attacked, once the Court of Accounts has been muzzled, once it has been sheltered in that supposed social representation dependent on its perks, now he intends to put an end to the opposition by telling us what we can complain about and how, “the PP leader added.

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