Wednesday, January 19

Casado and Ayuso coincide in the presentation of Rajoy’s book after 42 days avoiding each other

It was the most wanted photo and Mariano Rajoy got it this Wednesday. 42 days is the time that Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Pablo Casado had not coincided in a public event since the war of the PP in Madrid broke out. They did not coincide – conscientiously – this Saturday in the demonstration of the police and civil guards against the reform of the Gag law and neither during the Andalusian Congress, where both were, but not on different days and took advantage of their respective interventions to launch cross accusations. Mariano Rajoy has broken that curse by bringing together the Madrid president and the leader of the PP in the same space.

Both have attended the presentation of his book ‘Politics for adults’, where the third party has also been in contention: the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida. Both have chatted briefly in front of the ‘photocall’ for a few minutes to silence the rumors. It has occurred after minutes before they starred in a tense moment when Rajoy has tried to put them together in the family photograph and Ayuso has moved away. From the team of the Madrid president they assure that the gesture has been produced by a matter of protocol set by the publisher.

Already during the presentation when it was time to sit down, Elvira Fernández – Mariano Rajoy’s wife – has served as a barrier between the two since the protocol has placed Rodríguez in the middle of the leaders of the PP.

The public reunion is the first after a month and a half without coinciding, in full swing for control of the Popular Party in Madrid. The last time they were together was on October 19, at the inauguration of the new headquarters of the business institute (IE) in the fifth tower of Chamartín, an act inaugurated by King Felipe VI.

Rajoy has assured that he is “very excited” that both have attended the presentation and has tried to remove iron from the internal shock experienced by Puerta del Sol and Genoa, claiming that in the end “things like these end up being fixed”. Something that the mayor of Madrid has also done, who has defended that Ayuso and Casado have “complicated” agendas, although not “incompatible”.

“Here is the proof that there is no problem in that they see each other or that they coincide,” said the national spokesman when attending the presentation of Rajoy’s book.

Ayuso and Casado will meet again on December 6 in the act of tribute to the Constitution that is held in the Congress of Deputies, which is attended by representatives of the powers of the State, political parties and regional presidents. What is still in the air is the Christmas dinner of the PP in Madrid.