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Casado asks in the internal arguments to blame Sánchez for the blockade of the Judicial Power

This Monday the opening of the judicial course is celebrated, marked another year by the situation of blockade of the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ). For this reason and because of the pressure he has received from the Government for several weeks, Pablo Casado has asked in the internal arguments of the party to blame Pedro Sánchez for the non-renewal of the body. “The ball, on Sánchez’s roof,” wielded the game.

One thousand days of blockade in the Judicial Power by decision of the PP

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The central idea distributed by the leadership of the PP is not new. In recent weeks, popular leaders have insisted that the party’s condition for the renewal of the Judiciary is that “the judges elect the judges.” That is to say, a reform of the institution so that the appointment of the members does not depend on the Parliament, but on their own colleagues. All this despite the fact that the PP reached an agreement with the PSOE in 2001 to approve the model that governs until now.

The current governing body of the judges has eleven members elected at the proposal of the PP, seven from the PSOE, one from the IU and another from the PNV. Its president is Carlos Lesmes, who was a senior position in the governments of José María Aznar. The current composition, of a conservative majority, comes from the parliamentary situation of the absolute majority of Mariano Rajoy, very different from the current one.

This argument is, however, one of the many excuses that the conservative party has made for not renewing the CGPJ, which accumulates more than 1,000 days in a temporary situation. Before it was the rejection of United We Can to the monarchy, the support of EH Bildu to the latest budgets or the proposal of the minority partner of the Government to occupy a seat in the body Victoria Rosell and the magistrate Ricardo de Prada.

Thus, this week the party returns to the load with the last slogan and asks to blame Sánchez for this temporary situation. “We can agree to the renewal of the constitutional bodies if Sánchez complies with the Constitution, what the judges ask for and the EU demands: reinforce judicial independence and that the judges elect the judges,” the party launches in its arguments. “Sánchez must stop attacking the PP and take our outstretched hand. The ball is in his court. If he does not allow the judges to choose the judges, we will do so when we get to the Government,” he insists.

Montesinos: “Today the foundations of an agreement could be laid”

This morning, in an interview on Spanish Television (TVE), the PP vice-secretary of communication, Pablo Montesinos, has used the arguments to urge Sánchez to end the blockade: “Today the foundations of a agreement. Pedro Sánchez only has to do one thing: keep his word. He said that politicians cannot elect judges and we agree with this Pedro Sánchez. ” He has thus referred to a 2014 statement by the then secretary general of the PSOE, in which he committed to a CGPJ “truly independent of the Government.”

Montesinos has also said that it is “terrible” and a “lack of respect” for Sánchez to accuse the PP of being undemocratic and of being against the Constitution. In an interview for El País published this Sunday, the President of the Government asked Casado to respect the Magna Carta by unblocking the Judiciary. Thus, Montesinos has responded this Monday to “return to moderation and stop” insulting the PP. ”


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