Tuesday, October 19

Casado aspires to engulf Vox

They are all. Those of now, those of before, those who were, those who are, those who will never be anything and those who seek shelter in acronyms, after having failed to pass through some other political formations. Rajoy called the latter “profiteers” -in reference to the leaders of Ciudadanos-, but Weber would have said that they are the ones who lack vocation, they only seek to make a living from politics and they do not care to be a Maoist, a socialist, or a liberal , how centrist, how far-right …

There you have Juan Carlos Girauta, guest star at the PP national convention, along with Alejo Vidal Quadras, in a clear gesture to Vox voters. The former has been active in the PSC, the PP and Citizens and has even had stellar participation in the Fundación Disenso -the think tank linked to Abascal’s party-, after certifying the “suicide of Casado” and the consolidation of Vox as “the option of humiliated and offended Spain.” The second presided over the PP of Catalonia, was later founder of the Santiago Abascal party and although now he was far from the front line, this same year he accused Casado of “having lost the north for his complacent messages with the nationalists” and being responsible of the practical disappearance of the PP in Catalonia.

The two represent the profile that, once the remains of Ciudadanos have been swallowed, Pablo Casado is now looking for what he called the re-founding of the right and is nothing more than hunting down the stray or deserters of other political formations. It does not matter the ideology, what they contribute, what they aspire to or how long they can last among their ranks. Among the remnants of the orange party, the leadership of the PP never looked for a patina of that imposed centrality that those of Rivera exhibited first and then those of Arrimadas, but only the destruction of a bloc competitor that reduced its possibilities of being an alternative government.

Now, with the “relatives” of Vox, he intends the same: to send a message to the voters that there is only one alternative to Sánchez and that there will never be Abascal as Rivera was not, no matter how much media-business support he had and has today Vox.

The rise in the PP polls is explained, more than by the wear of Sánchez and the two years of the coalition government, by the disaster of Ciudadanos. And what Pablo Casado intends now in the next phase of his roadmap, and with a speech barely indistinguishable from that of the extreme right, is to reduce Vox’s space to widen his own, in such a way that with a hypothetical and comfortable victory of his at the polls, the entry of Abascal’s in a future right-wing government was not necessary.

The strategy is very different from the one Aznar put into practice in the 1990s to unite a scattered center-right in a soup of acronyms. This PP has already resigned, after several failed attempts, to convince the leaders of Cs and Vox to present itself in a unique project under the same brand. It only aspires to add names – whatever the trajectory and the newspaper library of the signings – for what they insist on calling a “reformist” and “renewed” project in which “the widening to the left and right of the party” will be visualized. At the moment, the enlargement only comes from one side and it is that of the most extreme and unscrupulous right.

In addition, for the national convention Casado will surround himself with European leaders such as former French President Nicolás Sarkozy, convicted of corruption, or Sebastián Kurz, who came to the Austrian Government thanks to a coalition with the extreme right, which was broken two years later by a case of corruption. Married without complexes now, just like Ayuso. “If the queen of Sol – they say in Genoa in reference to the controversial baroness – thus obtained a spectacular result in Madrid, why not the national PP”. Perhaps because Madrid is not Spain, say Ayuso, Agamemnon or their swineherd.


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