Friday, September 24

Casado charges the Government for “celebrating” the evacuation of Afghanistan: “It is unethical”

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has charged against the central government’s management of the evacuation of Afghanistan for “showing off” the military mission. “No international president has dared to celebrate the drama, the horror that we are seeing in Afghanistan. It is not ethical,” he said at the event to start the political course traditionally organized by the Galician PP at the end of August.

End of international evacuations leaves tens of thousands of people behind: “How can you say ‘mission accomplished’?”

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The leader of the popular ones has insisted on his criticisms not only in matters of foreign policy, but also in matters of energy policy, which he has described as “erratic.” Casado has criticized the Government for what he considers a “demonization” of all forms of generation: “Power plants that had built their infrastructures so as not to pollute; now they complain about wind, hydraulic, nuclear … Are we going to get, to what the Podemos ministers say, not to consume energy? Shall we go back to the cave? ”

In Spain, he continued, there is a “bad government” that makes the country “not doing well” and he intends to “turn it around like a sock.” Pedro Sánchez’s team is “arrogant” in “celebrating supposed triumphs,” he added and reproached the tone used when talking about the economic recovery of Vice President Nadia Calviño for pointing out that Spain will return to the pre-pandemic figures in 2023: ” Why is there to applaud this? ”

Nor, in his opinion, can the central government be proud of the vaccination campaign against COVID and its high participation rates. The drug, he argued, has been supplied by the European Union and administered by the autonomous communities.

Despite all the criticism, Casado has defended that the party he presides over acts with a “sense of state.” “The PP is a government party even when it is momentarily in the opposition,” he said. He has ensured that the hand of the popular has been “extended” to the Government for issues such as the management of European funds or the creation of an independent body for the renewal of judicial bodies, despite the fact that the blockade of the PP has caused the General Council of the Judiciary fulfills one thousand days in office. Casado has insisted, however, that his attitude is collaborative and has attributed the lack of agreements in these matters to the fact that he has encountered “a no is no, a sanitary cordon” from the Government.

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