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Casado commits the Basque PP by asking for the return of Prisons a month after Iturgaiz supported the transfer

The unqualified speech of Pablo Casado at the national convention of the PP in Valencia demanding the return to the State of the jurisdiction of Prisons, managed for several decades by Catalonia and for a few days also by Euskadi, commits the Basque PP. Less than a month ago, the local president, Carlos Iturgaiz, declared that he accepted this transfer and, in fact, claimed the Statute of Gernika as a frame of reference against sovereign bets. That statute, already in 1979, included the management of prisons and their staff as the responsibility of the autonomous community, although not the penitentiary legislation, which remains in the hands of the State.

Jaime Tapia, Euskadi Prison advisor: “ETA has been the stumbling block for the competition to have taken 42 years”

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Casado’s “we will regain jurisdiction over prisons in Catalonia and the Basque Country” collides with the “we have never said that there is no transfer of prisons; of course it is within the Statute” of Iturgaiz. The ‘popular’ Basques, in this scenario, have tried to justify this proposal as a natural reaction to the favorable treatment that ETA prisoners are apparently going to receive by the new management team of the Iñigo Urkullu Government, a situation that they compare with that of the independence prisoners in Lledoners.

Iturgaiz himself has done it on the microphones of Onda Cero. “The issue of the transfer of prisons … It has to serve to comply with the law, to serve what they have to serve. In Lledoners, with the coup plotters, it served to have privileges and perks. We do not want a Lledoners bis. We do not want resort and luxury prisons for ETA criminals, “said the leader of the ‘popular’ Basques, mentioning alleged hidden pacts in this regard between the Government of Pedro Sánchez and the EH Bildu coalition. And he added: “The Statute of Gernika has to be completed, of course. But when the transfers arrive, they have to be followed up. We will be the first to be vigilant, to be active in that vigilance. be and not what the nationalists and Bildu want. We are not going to allow there to be Lledoners bis, which are resorts for ETA criminals. More visits, more calls, more hours in the yard … It is not a question to debate whether we want ‘marmitako’ or Madrilenian cocidito in jail “.

Iturgaiz has vindicated the PP – his predecessor AP did not vote in favor of the Statute – as the one who has most developed Basque self-government from the central government. He has cited the agreements with the Basque Country of the Governments of José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy and transfers “environmental, infrastructure or the Economic Agreement itself”. In fact, he has pointed out that the great “recentralizing” party in Euskadi is the PNV since it seeks to “remove powers from the provincial councils and city councils” in favor of the autonomous administration. “He wants to throw the bone of the ham to councils and municipalities and keep the meat,” he has ironized about the reform of the Contributions Law, the rule that regulates internal financing between the three Basque institutional levels.

“We are not going to enter into the debate with Casado,” explain sources from the Urkullu Government, which received the keys to the three Basque prisons, Basauri, Martutene and Zaballa, on Friday. “That transfer is no longer returned,” they settle. In an interview with this newspaper, the government advisor for the implementation of the new penitentiary model, Judge Jaime Tapia, expressed himself this way about ETA prisoners: “You cannot differentiate between ETA prisoners and non-ETA prisoners. everything, and there is no intention of assuming this competence for only some. Furthermore, they are a very small part in the end within the group of people deprived of liberty that we are going to deal with. ”

However, the president of the PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, has entered the melee on Radio Euskadi. “Those bravado have very little value. I think it was a bullring where they were. I wanted to go out through the front door. It must be remembered that in Catalonia they have had it since the eighties. There have been ‘popular’ presidents, none other than Aznar or Rajoy and they have not lifted a finger to remove that transfer. The law itself would not allow them to do what they say, “said the nationalist leader. However, he has shown concern about the drift of the opposition leader in Spain and aspiring to reach La Moncloa in the medium term. “It reveals a state of mind, an ideological corpus. That makes us feel in the Antipodes of them. Married, to put it in European terms, he has become closer to Viktor Orban than to Angela Merkel. He leads the PP to the extreme right. As he cannot with Vox, he wants to play Vox. That is a serious mistake for the PP. It is very bad news for democracy and coexistence in the Spanish State. No one wins the elections at the extremes, “said Ortuzar.

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