Friday, March 24

Casado encrypts Ayuso’s brother’s commission: “It was 286,000 euros for receiving masks”

Pablo Casado has encrypted the commission that Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s brother received for acting as an intermediary in a contract of 1.5 million euros that the Community of Madrid awarded to a family friend. “It was 286,000 euros to receive masks,” said the leader of the PP in an interview this Friday on Cadena Cope.

What is happening with Ayuso, his brother, the detectives, a contract by hand and the war in the PP

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The president of the Popular Party has defended that, when he received the information, he started an internal process to find out what happened, although he has ruled out that it was done through detectives or that the contract came from Moncloa. He has justified this internal investigation to find out if there was “influence peddling” in the award of that contract and on the suspicion that the family friend who took the contract may have acted as a “front man” for his brother. “It is necessary that there be previous processes before the Justice acts so that any official can act and avoid a case of corruption”, he has said.

Casado has explained that when he obtained the first information about the contract he called the Madrid president and at the end of the conversation he asked her about it. “In the end, I tell him, with respect and regret: this has come to me, this worries me, tell me if it’s true and what can be done,” he said. According to his narration of the events, Ayuso assured him that he would collect the information and that he would investigate it, but the only response that there was later on the part of the leader, he added, was the request that the party congress be brought forward.

For this reason, Casado alleges that he is only asking for explanations that “have not been given.” “This can be resolved today, with transparency, with principles and with an example. You will have to ask his brother,” he has requested. At this point, Casado has slipped that, in reality, the friend who was awarded the contract could be the “figurehead” of Ayuso’s brother. “If I presided over an institution, I should refrain from granting such a contract. And if a relative had been used to facilitate a friend’s contract, someone might think that a figurehead is being used,” he pointed out. “Since I want to think that this has not happened, I wanted to investigate privately,” he added later.

The president of the PP has reappeared in public a day after the outbreak of the total war this Thursday between Ayuso and Genoa, with harsh accusations crossed between the Madrid president and the general secretary of the party, Teodoro García Egea. “There can be nothing more serious than accusing someone from the house itself, with government responsibilities, of corruption; and doing it without evidence, involving my family that has nothing to do with it,” the president declared in an appearance without questions. Madrid at noon on Thursday.

Shortly after, Egea appeared from the national party headquarters at a press conference in which he announced the opening of an informative file for Ayuso’s words that could lead to his suspension as a militant and even his expulsion. “I will not tolerate one more accusation,” he said.