Sunday, April 2

Casado meets the barons tomorrow to discuss the party’s crisis

Pablo Casado has summoned the barons of the party for this Wednesday. In the midst of the open war in the PP, the president of the party will meet tomorrow with the Autonomous Committee, made up of the autonomous presidents of the formation, the presidents of the PP in the autonomous communities and cities and the general secretary.

Casado refuses to resign and summons the highest body of the PP to try to win the battle against the barons there

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This meeting, which sources from the national leadership have informed Efe of on Tuesday, will take place at a very delicate moment for the Casado. After a long and tense meeting yesterday with his hard core, the president of the party decided to convene the National Board of Directors for next week, precisely under pressure from the barons, who have allied themselves to force an extraordinary congress to accelerate the exit of the current address.

Casado convened this body, the most important among congresses, forced by his own leadership. Most of its leaders -all except Pablo Montesinos, Antonio González Terol, Ana Beltrán and number two, Teodoro García Egea- demanded that an extraordinary congress be convened, and some of them threatened to resign if it was not convened.

The National Board of Directors has been summoned next Monday, February 28, although it is foreseeable that this date will be modified and postponed, after complaints from the Andalusian president, Juanma Moreno Bonilla, because the appointment coincides with Andalusia Day.

With the convocation of the National Board of Directors next week, Casado seeks to postpone the solution to the open crisis and has tried to resist the pressure of those who asked him to convene a congress now and of the thousands of followers of the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who asked for his resignation.