Friday, September 24

Casado puts Almeida in the fight for the leadership of the PP in Madrid after announcing Ayuso that he will run for the presidency

There are still months for the primaries that will decide the leadership of the PP in Madrid, but the names that will contest that Presidency are already on the table. The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, came forward last Tuesday, filtering to the press that she would fight. Today has been the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, who has put the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, into the equation even though he himself has not wanted to confirm that he is going to appear. “In the room there are two highly qualified militants who know that they are going to have a lot of weight,” Casado replied to the question of which of the two he would support.

Ayuso returned from vacation with the news that he is willing to fight for the power of the regional PP. Whoever controls the party is the one who decides the regional and municipal lists that will be produced in two years. The lists are also the carrot and stick to buy wills within a formation.

The step to the front of the Madrid president, without prior notice to her party, has not served her to have the support of the PP president. Casado has avoided this Tuesday to position himself in favor of the Madrid leader, assuring that “it is not necessary” to talk about it, that he should not position himself and assuring that Almeida may be others who dispute that leadership in the regional party. Casado has done it even before the mayor of Madrid has wanted to confirm himself as a candidate.

“I have never thought about the internal processes and there is a calendar,” Casado began, letting it fall that it is not yet time to open that melon. “It will have to be the militants who decide and” in the room there are two highly qualified militants who know that they will carry a lot of weight “,

This Monday in an interview on Cadena Ser, the mayor of Madrid dodged the question of whether he will take the step to lead the party at the regional level. “Now it does not touch”, was the only answer not to answer clearly to the question. A week ago, when Ayuso ran for office, the mayor of Madrid avoided endorsing her in public and assured that the party is already in “very good hands”, referring to the current leadership of Pío García Escudero and Ana Camins of which he said, ” they do a great job “and to whom he attributed the May election results.

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