Tuesday, March 28

Casado refuses to resign and summons the highest body of the PP to try to win the battle against the barons there

The PP will hold a National Board of Directors next Monday, the highest body between PP congresses, where it hopes to resist leading the party despite pressure from the barons to make way for a new leadership. “The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, is going to convene the National Board of Directors, the highest body between party congresses, for next Monday. This has been decided unanimously by the Popular Party Steering Committee,” the PP assured in a statement.

The decision was taken after a long meeting of the executive de Casado, which brings together the team closest to the president. At least on paper. The appointment has lasted from eleven in the morning on Monday until eight in the afternoon, which indicates that the positions have not been unanimous throughout the day. The consensual solution does nothing but postpone the battle for a week and leave it in the hands of a body made up of more than 550 people.