Tuesday, October 26

Casado reiterates the hoax that the socialists in 1931 did not support the female vote

In 1931 the Socialist Party contributed more than half of the votes in Congress that made the right to vote for women a reality. This incontrovertible fact, which appears in the minutes of the Lower House – and of which 90 years are commemorated this Friday – has been ignored this morning by the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, during a ceremony in Cartagena.

“The left tries to appropriate historical questions that do not correspond to it. In those parliamentary debates, in those years, the Socialist Party did not support women’s suffrage. You only have to read the deputy’s session diary [Victoria] Kent to remember what he said about why women should not vote, “said Casado.

In the bosom of the left there were some voices that were discordant with the moment in which that right had to be granted. They were influential voices (the aforementioned Kent – who did not belong to the PSOE, but to the Republican Radical Socialist Party -, and Indalecio Prieto, this yes, leader of the PSOE).

But the truth is that without the majority support of the progressive deputies, the right of women to vote would not have come forward, for which the deputy, writer and jurist Clara Campoamor, a member of the Radical Republican Party, fought markedly.

On October 1, 1931, 161 deputies voted to extend this right to women. Of them, 84 belonged to the PSOE, as detailed by Maldita.es. Among the 121 deputies who did it against, none belonged to the PSOE. In fact, all the PSOE deputies either voted in favor or abstained (Indalecio Prieto himself, then Minister of Finance, and Julián Besteiro, president of the Chamber). None voted against.

Casado omits this fact in his speech and adds: “That freedom that was conquered back in the 1930s, and now it seems impossible to claim it, is something that has a lot to do with the ideas of freedom that many years later gave rise to our political family: in Spain, after the Transition “. Those “many years later” allude, without naming it, to the dictatorship of Francisco Franco that ended democracy (with both male and female votes, then) and one of whose ministers, Manuel Fraga, founded the party that today presides Married.

A repeated lie …

It is not the first time that conservative and self-styled ‘liberal’ ranks have tried to patrimonialize women’s access to the vote in Spain. In April 2018, then-Citizen leader Albert Rivera tweeted that “socialists and conservatives” opposed the female vote.

In 2013, the then Minister of Justice, Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, of the PP, affirmed the following in Congress, addressing the socialist bench: “We must remember what you did, in those same seats where you are, in the constituent Cortes of 1931, when they opposed recognizing the vote for women “. After the protests of the PSOE and the request for a rectification, the Government of Mariano Rajoy had to recognize that the PSOE did not vote against women’s suffrage in 1931. A fact that today, again, Pablo Casado has ignored.


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