Wednesday, May 18

Casado says that in the Second Republic there was “democracy without law” and Errejón reminds him that the coup plotters rose up against the current law

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has made this Wednesday before Congress a reinterpretation of the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. In his words, the Civil War was “a confrontation between those who wanted democracy without law and those who wanted law without democracy”, omitting that it was a conflict derived from a military uprising against the legitimate Government of the Second Republic, arising from the polls and in which there was a law.

Casado has addressed Pedro Sánchez to point out that “he talks about forging a new country” as “Azaña said in 1932 to approve the statute of Esquerra.” “But in ’37 he realized his mistake and denounced his disloyalty when it was too late. Ladies and gentlemen, speaking of historical memory, the Civil War was a confrontation between those who wanted democracy without law and those who wanted law without democracy.” has affirmed from the rostrum.

“And our Constitution is a pact by which there can be no democracy without law, nor law without democracy. Exactly the same thing that European countries learned from fascism and communism when they founded the European Union. We Spaniards are already talking, we are already meeting again. “We have already made coexistence and harmony possible. We don’t have to do it again. We just have to keep it”, Pablo Casado concluded.

His words have received the reply of the spokesman for Más País in the Congress of Deputies, Íñigo Errejón, who has indicated that it was an “extraordinarily serious” reflection.

“Mr. Casado, the coup plotters rose up against the Spanish people, against Spanish democracy and against the law in force in Spain, and a democrat should be perfectly clear about it,” the leader of Más País snapped to the leader of the popular during the plenary session than of Congress for the voluntary appearance of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, to speak of the pardons to the pro-independence leaders.

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