Tuesday, July 5

Casado stages a “more transversal” PP with specific tables on “feminism” or “identities” in its National Convention

The leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, wants the National Convention to be held on the first weekend of October in Valencia to allow him to stage a new turn to the center to attract the voters of the more moderate right and even some socialist voters ” discontent “with Pedro Sánchez. The objective is to recover the condition of majority force in Spain. The conclave, in whose preparation the Genoa 13 plumbing is already working, aims to be a turning point in his three-year career at the head of the PP, marked by successive electoral defeats and internal discrepancies about the relationship that the party should maintain with the extreme right.

Casado’s plan for Catalonia: five economic proposals and no political measures

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The national leadership starts from some surveys that give the PP as the first force in the country, ahead of the PSOE, to conclude that the stage of the recovery of its electorate has begun, especially as a result of the overwhelming triumph of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the Madrid elections on May 4, with the absorption of the entire Citizens’ vote. The plan is to make the party of Inés Arrimadas disappear definitively with whose irruption the electoral decline of the popular began – and to broaden its electoral base with a “more transversal” political message, according to what leaders with high responsibilities in the party explained this week.

The idea is to “renew” some programmatic approaches to conservative training to adapt “to the 21st century”, consolidating the “regeneration” that Casado tried to represent when he won the 2018 primaries and after three decades of Mariano Rajoy’s terms during which barely the party’s proposals were modified, according to the same sources.

To achieve this, Casado will have to fight with the judicial calendar and with corruption scandals that surround who was his political mentor, María Dolores de Cospedal, accused of both she and her husband Ignacio López del Hierro, and her chief of staff in the Ministry of Defense , José Luis Ortiz, in the kitchen plot, the para-police espionage organized from the Interior to control Bárcenas and try to free the PP and its main charges from the Gürtel plot and box B.

All this does not mean that the PP leader plans to really break with Vox after the announcement staged in the failed motion of censure of Santiago Abascal last fall. The strategy of non-aggression to the training with which the same electorate competes – and to which the governments of the Community and the Madrid City Council as well as Andalusia, among others, must – is the one that Pablo Casado has followed for months and is the which he plans to maintain despite the renewal of the October convention with which he intends to turn to the center.

This same week his dependence on Vox became evident again in Ayuso’s inauguration session, which will continue to need the extreme right in the new legislature that begins. The leadership of the popular also temporizes with the Santiago Abascal party by attending the same demonstrations, such as that of Colón last Sunday – which, with less attendance than other protests, such as the one known as the Colón photo of 2019 , was precisely hegemonized by Vox–, and assuming part of its discourse.

450 guests from “real civil society”

The shift in the center will not mean the softening of the messages against the Government, to which Casado has dedicated all kinds of insults since its creation, linking it with ETA, calling it a “constitutional dictatorship” or equating it to the Venezuela of Nicolás Maduro, and to which it has always been considered illegitimate due to the presence of United We Can in the Council of Ministers. Protests in the streets or the judicialization of politics will continue – the strategy that is being followed at the moment against pardons for the procés prisoners – in order to bring down the progressive Executive.

Married and his family consider that all this is compatible with finding a “total transversality” that allows to attract voters of all ideologies to the PP. It is, according to the main leaders of the party, to “update the ideology” in the hands of “the real civil society” to which, without specifying names, they plan to invite to the different sectoral tables that will be held during the summer , until the October conclave, to outline the political documents of the conservative formation. The guests from outside the game will be 450.

The popular ones even plan to hold a specific table on feminism, the movement for equality that Casado disqualified at the beginning of his term, accusing him of “collectivizing” society or wanting to “confront” women with men, in a speech traced to that of the extreme right.

Now, the leadership of the PP considers that it must seek a space in which the different views on feminism that inhabit it are “compatible”. From the “Amazonian feminism” defended by the deputy Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo –with a more right-wing profile than Casado– along the lines of Camille Paglia, an American writer and teacher who, for example, considers that “without the man the woman would never have left the cave.” Until the speech on equality by the current deputy secretary of Social Policy of the party, Ana Pastor – more moderate – and the spokesperson in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, who unlike Álvarez de Toledo celebrate 8M and have attended their mobilizations.

In this attempt to embrace the center, Casado’s management will also convene specific debates on “identities”, “digitization” or “sustainability”. All this because Génova 13 considers that “the ideological well has not been updated for 20 years” and needs a renewal due to the emergence of social challenges and new concerns and, above all, for the PP to once again be that party that, during the stage of Mariano Rajoy, got to obtain more than eleven million votes.

“Reactivate” the voters of the Valencian Community

The set of sector tables for the coming months will culminate in the week that runs from September 27 to October 3. From Monday 27 to Friday 1 Married he plans to travel to the five communities governed by the PP: Andalusia, Community of Madrid, Galicia, Region of Murcia and Castilla y León.

Over the weekend, the Political Convention will close in the Valencian Community, a territory that was a fiefdom of the popular until 2015 but which fell into the hands of the left after years of corruption cases linked to PP governments. Casado’s team considers that his Valencian colleagues need “national events” to “reactivate” the militancy, and that is why that, Valencia, has been the place chosen by Genoa 13 for what they consider to be their most important political appointment in the world. anus.

The convention’s motto is “We believe” in the dual use of the verbs believe and create. “To create more Spain, you have to believe in Spain. We believe. In Spain and in Freedom,” Casado said last Monday, in the discreet presentation of the conclave that took place in Madrid and was overshadowed by the controversy of the words pronounced the day before by Ayuso, just before participating in the Columbus rally, about the alleged “complicity” of the king if he signs the pardons to the pro-independence politicians.

The leader of the PP bets on a party that “widens” every day. “From our left and from our right, around a reasonable project focused on what Spain needs.” “A party that is there, that says and that it does. That it is where it should, that it says what it thinks and does what it says,” insists Casado. On Monday he even spoke that the convention “must have a lot of civic rebellion” and be “a democratic and serene rebellion that arises in the face of mindless interventionism, the suffocation of society, the breaking of the law and ties. national “.

“Take the game to street level”

“We must open our venues wide, take the game to the street, to the work and business. Let us be a party made from the bottom up, well anchored in reality, focused on the real problems of the Spanish, “insists the leader of the PP, who wants” the vote of hope, of reformism, of those who want to rebuild and leave behind this time without horizon. “” We are not going to dedicate ourselves to imagining any distant future while millions of Spaniards feel the present move under their feet. We believe in Spaniards, we create a better future for all. Not only that of their lives, but that of the political, economic, social and cultural life of his country “.

The convention will focus on five pillars: nation and open society; individual freedom and responsibility; rule of law and security; free market and private property; and equal opportunities and well-being.