Tuesday, May 17

Case of baby Tadeo: Administrator of the Iztapalapa pantheon dismissed

The administrator of Pantheon of San Nicolás Tolentino it was dismissed from officereported mayor of Iztapalapa, Clara Brugada Molina, after it was revealed that the body baby Thaddeus outside exhumed from said cemetery, and found in the dump in a prison in Puebla.

The official explained at a press conference that in addition to the dismissal of the head of the pantheon, she began disposition of the authorities corresponding to the 448 workers of the pantheon, both auxiliary and base, so that they make declarations.

“We have decided remove from his position the administrator of the pantheon of San Nicolás Tolentino and all structure personnel, fees, Base, Payroll 8, as well as service providers called auxiliaries, will give their statement before the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office so that they provide all the information,” Brugada Molina wrote on his official Twitter account.

At the time, the Attorney General of Mexico City (FGJ-CDMX) assured that the case of baby Tadeo is “atypical” and that there are no records of cases with similar characteristics in the country’s capital.

if you know that little Tadeo underwent surgery on several occasions due to disorders of the digestive system. However, the minor did not resist and died on January 6 due to a generalized infection.

“Without a doubt, we are facing a criminal act that threatens the dignity of individuals and families, which goes beyond death itself,” the mayor of Iztapalapa commented on Twitter, stating that since last Friday, January 21, as soon as the pantheon staff became aware, went before the Public Ministry to report the incident.

“From what we know so far, it seems to be a crime committed by people with the ability to illegally extract a body, transfer it to the state of Puebla and place it in a prison with a high level of security,” added Brugada.

On the other hand, the Puebla State Prosecutor’s Office reported that the person was identified who deposited the body of the newborn in a garbage dump San Miguel Prison. Through a video broadcast on their social networks, the local agency pointed out that the investigation is already in the final phase to determine responsibilities.