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Case protects your phone while capturing images of areas | Digital Trends Spanish

Everyone has dropped their phone on the ground at some time, and most are terrified even when the device has a case. However, the people of AER want you to worry about it and have created a protector that allows you to throw your phone through the air freely without receiving a scratch.

In 2016, AER that created a way to literally launch a GoPro into the air to obtain aerial images. What they did was pack the camera in a well-padded foam cone (which looked like a Nerf football with a tail) and then launched it. And the result was a series of aerial images that the device captured during the flight.

Now, the company has announced a similar product that promises the same experience, but with a smartphone. The case is called AER TYP, an acronym that corresponds to Throw your phone (“launch your phone” in Spanish), and follows in the footsteps of its predecessor.

However, the new version has a design made especially for phones. It is an improved cone that can safely hold these devices at a perfect angle, so your rear camera can capture attractive aerial images.

With the cone, the phone is trapped between two large pieces of foam that are held together with a velcro strap wrapped around them. And a foam tail is attached to this so that the AER TYP can fly.

While the idea of ​​throwing your phone into the air like a soccer ball seems far-fetched (or like a good way to destroy it), the company says that in the end “it all makes perfect sense.”

AER has years of experience in building devices with these characteristics. His team says he has spent years perfecting his design, finding the toughest foam materials and testing them even in “the harshest conditions,” to the point of dropping them from a building onto a concrete surface.

As with the original AER, the creators of the AER TYP have chosen to launch it in a campaign of Kickstarter. The cheapest way to reserve one is by contributing $ 69 dollars (the total price is expected to be approximately $ 100) and the delivery of the product would take place in May 2022. However, as the pandemic has generated problems in the supply chains , this date may undergo modifications.

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