Sunday, January 29

Cash App joined the Lightning network to make payments with BTC

In recent publications, the implementation of a new section in the Cash App ecosystem was announced. The application derived from Block was integrated into the decentralized environment of the Lightning Network. This, in order to provide its users with a “fast” alternative to process payments in Bitcoin.

A new feature

The Cash App project was involved in the developing of a method by which rapid transactions are carried out. With the inclusion of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network blockchain technology, the door would be opened for users to make agile payments.

The implementation of the new feature was based on layer 2 of the network, trying to synchronize operations directly. This platform was developed in Block, formerly known as Square, by Jack Dorsey.

Dorsey has not hesitated to show some support for the initiative, as he observes the interactions of the application’s users. By integrating with the crypto transaction network, the payment processor allowed a part of the community to experiment with operations.

A union was launched between payments in Bitcoin and the rest of the options offered by Cash App.

Participation operations in the decentralized network of smart contracts are now available to users. This, while the creators of the application monitor the impressions of the operators within the mobile platform.

Results are already visible

Before the appearance of the new feature, the reactions emerged to give different perspectives on its use. Several of these users have published content alluding to their passage through the payments section on the Lightning Network.

While the current scope of the project is uncertain, it is known that Jack Dorsey views the feedback and is optimistic. The integration of Cash App with Lightning would have arrived to optimize the payment processes in cryptocurrencies.

In this way, the structure offered by the blockchain would contribute to the consolidation of a favorable environment for transactions. BTC coin trading is now supported in a fast method, which carries less fees due to decentralization.