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Casio launches the CT-S1000V, a keyboard with a voice synthesizer | Digital Trends Spanish

Casio presents the CT-S1000V, a musical keyboard that integrates a voice synthesizer so that, in a nutshell, you can sound like Daft Punk or Kraftwerk.

Although the CT-S1000V is not the first keyboard to include a voice synthesizer, it is innovative due to its variety of tools and its price, which is quite competitive in relation to other similar instruments.

Casio notes that the keyboard has 22 types of voices, including robotic tones like the ones that made the Daft Punk duet famous, but also processed choirs and whispered voices. Most notably, each of the voices can be customized with various parameters, including gender, age, and vibrato, which is an effect that occurs on stringed instruments when their vibration is heightened.

Also, it comes with 100 pre-installed lyrical tones that are based on the vocal tones of various popular songs. The keyboard memory allows for another 50 to be created, but Casio makes it clear that if users require more space, they can delete the 100 built-in tones by default.

Casio launches the CT-S1000V keyboard, which integrates a versatile voice synthesizer.

Casio’s idea is that the CT-S1000V can be used to create music with singing. To do this, he designed an app on which a letter is written (it can also be copied and pasted), which can be transferred to the keyboard through a USB cable connection.

The CT-S1000V also integrates various MIDI functions. To make use of them, it is possible to connect a computer with a cable or via a Bluetooth connection.

Casio indicated that the CT-S1000V is already available for pre-sale on its official website, where you can order for $680 dollars. In case you’re wondering, it weighs about 10 pounds and, if you don’t have access to a plug, runs on six AA batteries.

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