Wednesday, August 4

Casio Relaunches the Digital Watch Ripley Wore in Alien | Digital Trends Spanish

Casio is relaunching its F-100 watch, the iconic model that appeared in the movie Alien 1979. It will cost $ 90 dollars and will be available from August.

The clock – which now bears the name A100– has been updated with a metal case and strap. This one also keeps the front buttons with the same classic functions, such as changing modes, starting, stopping or resetting the chronograph and activating the display illumination. Finally, it includes an LED that flashes when the alarm is activated or when the chronograph countdown is complete.

The watch comes in four versions: a standard one, a gold one, a color-reversed LCD screen, and a limited edition Pac-Man. The latter includes an engraving of the game’s labyrinth on its stainless steel back, as well as a stamped strap that brings back memories of this renowned title.

Perhaps at first glance the A100 does not appear to be the Alien, since the protagonist of the film, Ellen Ripley, and other crew members of the Nostromo spacecraft, used a duplicate version of this model with a particular design. However, it is actually based on the Casio F-100, which was in fact the company’s first watch with a plastic casing.

The interesting thing about this watch was that it had advanced functions for that time, such as the high-precision chronograph and the light for the display. In addition to that, it integrated four front buttons just below the time.

Your design, which is now vintage, is what continues to attract attention. As we have seen, over the years, the buttons began to be located on the side of the watches or they were simply replaced by touch controls, so the front buttons are now something out of the ordinary. That is why the watch can be an attractive piece for those who collect retro items.

With this relaunch, Casio is following in the footsteps of another popular watch in the Alien franchise. Previously, the Seiko company relaunched the Giugiaro 7A28-7000, which was used by Ripley in the 1986 James Cameron film, Aliens.

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