Tuesday, October 19

Castilla y León ends most of the capacity next week

The vice president and spokesman of the Junta de Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, has announced that next Tuesday, September 21, the capacity to fight against COVID-19 will end. Igea has described this new phase as “controlled risk” and not “new normal”.

The capacity that does not depend on state regulations will be relaxed, but the protocols will be maintained in nursing homes and educational centers. Masks and interpersonal distances will continue to be mandatory, as agreed on Thursday by the Governing Council.

The good evolution of the data, with immunization rates above the national average – ranking as the fourth community with the most vaccinated – and the cumulative incidence, which places the community in 17th place in AI at 7 and 14 days, They allow Castilla y León to leave level 1 and go to controlled risk.

The data of the last weeks do not make the Board “suspect” that there will be “a significant adverse effect” after the festivities in recent days.

Next Tuesday, Castilla y León will abandon level 1 epidemiological risk and will be at “reasonably controlled risk”, that is, it is “getting closer and closer to being able to start a completely normal life in the coming weeks.” According to the counselor, the change will make it possible to relax the capacity in what does not depend on the state regulations and to walk towards a “progressively normal” life scenario. The agreement this Thursday will not affect the capacity in mass sporting events, which maintains its capacity of 60% outdoors and 40% indoors until September 30, as approved by the Interterritorial Health.