Saturday, September 18

Castillo and his family



In the obstacle course of the Government of Peru, the starting gun and gunpowder have sounded, it seems that it blinds the president. The green light from Congress to Pedro Castillo is one step away from being orange which would lead, once again, to a red with the vacancy label printed.

Too many ministers investigated or peppered by their links with the Shining Path and too much money collected with bribes for their own, according to the testimonies of collaborators of the Money Laundering Prosecutor’s Office, put the man in the hat who seems to have no ability to remove rabbits between the ropes whites -other ministers- of that hint of a rural top hat with which he came to power.

Prime Minister Guido

Bellido, avoid accountability that could get you in a bind. Iber Maraví, still the holder of the Work Portfolio, despite having made his position available, is trapped by his past with Shining Path. His “companions” identified him as one of their own. They are members of the very terrorist group of Maoist origin, which had its most emblematic leader in Abimael Guzmán. One of those who points his finger at him is Victor Reyes, who came to implicate him directly in attacks on the premises of Popular Action and Electro Peru, in Huamanga (Ayacucho). The President of the Congress, María del Carmen Alva, demanded his removal from the Cabinet after these “new revelations of ties to terrorism.” Other congressmen, in a rush, did the same.

The case of Maraví joins that of Juan Carrasco, Minister of the Interior and former prosecutor who is accused of trying to put in check the Dircote (Directorate against Terrorism) that investigates Bellido, Congressman Guillermo Bermejo and Vladimir Cerrón, Secretary General of Peru Free and the closest thing, in a communist version, to Vladimiro Montesinos when he was Alberto Fujimori’s black and all-powerful monk.

The fight between the Executive and Congress is in its first round and if Castillo does not want to kiss the canvas, he would do well to make a serious change of government. Otherwise, his end in the Presidency would not be a joke.

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