Monday, September 20

Catalonia activates the CO2 tax for 2.2 million vehicles

The day the tolls on the main motorways in Catalonia are lifted, the Generalitat has activated the tax on CO2 emissions for the community’s fleet of vehicles. More than 2.2 million cars, vans and mopeds will have to pay this pioneering tax in Spain this year. Since this Monday, the Tax Agency of Catalonia has activated the definitive register so that taxpayers can consult the fee to pay and begin to pay it.

The tax, approved by the Parliament in 2017, finally comes into force and will mean a collection for the Generalitat’s coffers of 67 million euros, which is expected to be reinvested in funds against the climatic emergency and for the preservation of natural heritage. “The objective is to invest it in actions to improve the environment and public transport, promote renewable energy and clean vehicles,” they state in a statement from the Government’s Department of Economy.

From this same Monday, the holders of the affected vehicles can access the website of the register and proceed with the payment, although it is expected that the bulk of taxpayers will pay it from October, when notifications will be sent to households. With the data for the year 2020, 1.6 million people and 2.2 million vehicles are subject to the tax, which will have to pay based on their volume of CO2 emissions. It is estimated that in passenger cars, for example, the range will be between 6 and 60 euros per year.

Both car owners who have tax residence in Catalonia and those who have only premises or offices in the community with associated vehicles will be required to pay taxes. Those that are exempt are 100% electric vehicles, mopeds, trucks, coaches, anyone who is authorized to transport more than nine people and historic or classic cars.

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