Monday, May 16

Catalonia already notifies 145 positives for COVID in end-of-course trips

The Generalitat de Catalunya has updated the figures for those affected by outbreaks produced in end-of-year trips, infections that have not stopped growing in recent days. This Saturday Salut has raised to 145 the total positives for COVID-19, contracted during some of these trips. Specifically, there are 44 students affected by a trip to Mallorca, another 57 who were in Menorca, 27 from Tenerife and another 17 who celebrated the end of the course in destinations in the interior of Catalonia.

At the moment the Public Health authorities monitor about 900 students, all of them second year of Baccalaureate, who traveled to these destinations between June 11 and 20. Specifically, the Generalitat closely follows the close contacts of these outbreaks, which so far amount to about 1,200 people in total, a figure that could rise in the coming days.

In a statement issued this Saturday, Salut has detailed the affectation of the different outbreaks. Those related to stays in Mallorca are the most affected, with 44 positives. Of these, 28 correspond to the Central Catalunya Health Region, 14 to Barcelona city, one to Terres de l’Ebre and another to the Girona area. In addition, these cases have so far produced 593 close contacts; 336 are in Central Catalonia, 204 in Barcelona city and 53 scattered throughout the rest of Catalonia.

Regarding the trips to Menorca, the first to be known, there are 57 diagnosed cases and 262 close contacts, all of them from the Barcelona area and the metropolitan area. The positives of this outbreak have practically doubled compared to those notified this Friday, so it is not ruled out that they will continue to increase in the coming days. The Generalitat also reported that it was the students themselves who organized the trips on their own, organizing themselves through WhatsApp groups and hiring specialized companies, unrelated to the centers.

In the last hours a new outbreak related to end-of-year trips has also been detected, in this case to Tenerife. Of this, 27 cases have been reported so far, all of them related to a group of students from Deltebre (Tarragona), which have produced 165 close contacts.

Finally, Salut has also reported cases that occurred in interior destinations. Specifically, an outbreak that affects 17 young people from the Central Catalonia area, who traveled to another area of ​​Catalonia and who began to have symptoms as of June 19. From this outbreak, a total of 189 close contacts have been counted so far.

Salut also reports that all these cases, because they are young people, have many cases of asymptomatic or mild symptoms. For this reason, he claims that “people who have gone on a trip of these characteristics be especially cautious in monitoring protection measures against COVID, be attentive to possible symptoms related to the disease and collaborate with epidemiological surveillance services. in the investigation of outbreaks, cases and contacts “. The Ministry of Health also requested this Friday that the end-of-year trips that were scheduled be canceled.